Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learned Lesson in Life

I have recently learned to never place my hopes and dreams in a person, time or place. Because sometimes (if not all the time) it has ended in disappointment. Even though some of these moments and experiences have torn me inside with disappointment and frustration, they did make me stronger, wiser and for that I am grateful and patient.
Therefore I have made a decision, I have started training myself to place all of my hopes and dreams within myself. This had a tremendous effect on my well-being. I've become happier and rarely do I feel this heaviness of saddness and insecurity in my heart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I loved this Arabic Poem

يخاطبني السفيه بكل قبح ** فأكره أكــون له مجيبا

يزيد سفاهة فأزيد حلـما ** كعود زاده الإحراق طيبا

Photo: by gvlasveld from deviantart

Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Life Good Freinds

You know you're doing something right in your life when you have wonderful freinds who you can trust and lean on in the good times and the bad times.
Life wouldn't be so enjoyable without them i think! =)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My freind's interesting question

A good freind asked me the other day an interesting question 'Have you ever felt in love?', and while digesting that question to give a humorous response I've come to realize that I've never really fell in love. Yes, I've had crushes and admiration from time to time but I can't say that I've been in love.
To me it has to come from both side, and I'm not talking about the red hearts and roses sort of love. I mean the kind that makes you feel light-hearted and joyful to be with this person and love the goodness within them so much that you want the whole world to see that person the way you do. Also ..I don't know.. you feel like time flies so fast when you spend time with this person and wish to stay a little longer, opening up and absorbing sincerely what the other is saying.
InshAllah I'd have something like that one day, though I feel i might be too hopeful. Living in such a fast-paced time and in a culture of narcissism where superficial kindness reigns supreme I think it will prove challenging. So I made a simple prayer to God...If I don't know what's that feeling like in this lifetime, then I hope to feel it in the next. =)
In the meantime I'll enjoy the blessing that he has bestowed upon me, Beautiful family, health, fun job, great freinds and a safe country!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internal anger

photo from Dustjacket Attic blog

Although it was an interesting month, it was also a bad month for me. So many frustrations and anger accumilated in me. The unfairness of certain things (though I keep reminding myself that God has a better plan than the one I designed) the hurt from some people...sigh, i hope this month ends fast cause It's been tough.
Even going to the gym isn't very uplifting...Maybe I should get back to ice skating, that sort of cheered me up.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interesting Month..March

I know i haven't written much in a while but i've been preoccupied with so many things. Mentally preparing myself for my masters inshAllah changing my path in the private business I am venturing to and last but not least my health =)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another rainy day

I honestly want to leave work early to enjoy this lovely weather! I enjoy saying whispering prayers while admiring the raining scenery.