Thursday, January 13, 2011

200th post!

I'm not blessed with the gift of patience but I'm so pleased that I managed to stick to my blog and continually update it with my thoughts and wise words of others inshAllah. : )...I think I'll go and buy my a slice of cake just for the heck of it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

It truly is : )

January: Hanging in there

Yes, I'm guilty as charged as I have been neglecting my blog. Benn swamped this January with so many projects and responsibilities.
Starting my Masters and so far it's a challenge..InshAllah i'll stick to it this time, i'm determined to push myself to do that! Next i'm the president for the Alumnae Board of Zayed University which is a massive responsibility on a strategic level, a position I plan to proudly succeed in for myself then for my dear dear friend who nominated me for this prestigious position : )
Last but not least is my day job...which kind of not as fun but you know how it is with those things. It has its ups and downs elhumdellah.

Will be writing more within a week or so...Can't wait for February to be honest! : )