Monday, April 5, 2010

A frustrated Emarati

Honest to God sometimes I don't know why our country bothers with some of these 'foreign expertise'!
Don't get me wrong, I have many non-Emarati friends who are hard working and respect the culture and traditions of this country, but the greater majority who slither to this country are just down right disgusting. They demand high salaries even though we (and them) are aware that they are:

-Incompetent, greedy and selfish
-Have no respect to the tradition and culture of the UAE and its people
-Do not bother in learning our language (almost 85% of Emaratis are Bi-lingual while they only speak one language)
-Insult the capabilities and potential of the UAE people
-Do not wish to train and guide Emaratis (Knowledge Transfer)
-Bring in their own friends in positions that rightfully belong to Emaratis

I am amazed how they refer to themselves as 'foreign experts' when they have the contribution value of a road kill!

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