Thursday, November 25, 2010

Perfect Pizza

It's the end of the week and I'm seriously craving a pizza. Not the commercial Pizza Hut type though. I'm talking about the traditionally oven-baked bursting with steamy flavors that will make your taste bud smile with delight type. : )

Swinging Chandelier: Wedding Consultant: Marvelous Marchesa

Swinging Chandelier: Wedding Consultant: Marvelous Marchesa: "I lust for any Marchesa gown. Never have I seen a master designer forms a beautiful designed sketch into 100% reality. Such meticulous detai..."

Monday, November 22, 2010


Been feeling slightly down lately. I hate that feeling, I try to fight it or block it out whenever that empty lost feeling creeps up to my heart. But today I decided to 'let it be' to settle in and as it did certain question slithered to my mind: What am I doing here? Why am I so miserable in my job? Am I destined for something great? Should I change and do something different? Do I have the heart to change?
Lately I haven't been happy at work due to major lack in innovation, don't get me wrong, I enjoy admin work as well but that fire in me and passion is dying down and that's never a good thing for me.
*sigh* I hope this feeling pass. I can't bring myself to be innovative today...maybe if I take a walk on the beach, or go to the gym. I hope the latin dance class cheers me up.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breath-Taking Breakfast

It's sad how many take this particular meal for granted...If we just decide to wake up an hour earlier perhaps and enjoy the heady aroma of coffee, the burst of citrussy sweetness of berries and the perfectly fluffy omelette, then we would appreciate mornings the way they're meant to be appreciated. : )

Photos by Jen from Simply Breakfast

Friday, November 12, 2010

Off to London

Off to London for week inshAllah. Believe it or not i've never really been to London so should be an interesting experience! Looking forward to spend quality time with my family and meet up with friends...and to be inspired of course! : )

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Frustration Carves Determination

Been feeling slightly frustrated last week due to unexplainable bullying that i've been receiving at work. However, during the weekend, spirits have been lifted by wonderful friends and supportive people who showed me that I have something special going on here. My friends (since high school) stood by me with their kind and encouraging words...sort of like holding my spirits up straight so it wouldn't crash in sorrow.
Not to mention on my twitter read a lovely statement by 2 lovely people Mahdihsn & Fatma Salim, it truly made me smile and realize that I am a truly blessed individual and that positive thought prepped me up to face any obstacle or difficult people that will come my way today.
I'm an interestingly complex creature with a kind soul and a positive nature and I won't allow anyone to destroy that gift, so let them do their worst, because frustration carves determination and InshAllah I will overcome this because I choose to place my faith blindly in God...And if I ever feel down I'll go back to my friends or the embrace of my mother elhumdellah. : )

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Throwing my worries away

I left this 'new post' page open for almost an hour. I was going to add an 'ragingly agressive' photo and be expressive as I was disappointed in  someone who disrespectfully commenced in belittling me despite the fact that I asked if he/she is ok or having a bad day. I won't go into details about what happened as I don't believe it would be fair rant and rave to you (the reader) without hearing his/her side of the story. Who knows, maybe she/he has a justification in being frustrated about something....but no one has the right whatsoever to belittle me or anyone for that matters.
Nevertheless, elhumdellah I'm glad that this incedent didn't take place 5 years ago as I know I wouldn't have been able to handle it calmly and classy as I do now. Still though, it slightly stings. Thank God it's the weekend so planning to hit the gym (then treat myself to a twix) then spend quality time with my friends and loved ones. Thank you Allah for this wonderful family you placed me in and for the truly wonderful friends you surrounded me with, I owe you big!

Weekend+Gym+Twix=Happy me : )

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

MIMZ SHOP: UAE's Customizing Master

A dear friend of mine, Maryam, is quite a talented lady with an artistic flair in customizing many many items! From T-shirts, Bedsheets, Baby Cloth, pillows...well just name it and she'll customize it for any occasion.
I'll leave ye with some funky sample of her work. Remember this is a sample and she can do far more glamorous customizing in Arabic & English.. Love it!
Just email this lovely lady @  for any customizing request and her prices are brilliant. : )

In my own world

For the past week or so been,well, in my own world. Been enjoying working on my wedding blog consultancy and doing it during work...You know you're doesn't satisfy you anymore when you'd rather be doing something else.
Been in my company for more than a year and to till this very day I can't seem to find the 'chemistry' between me and the place. Don't get me wrong some people here are charming but I can't bring myself to interact with them as we are so different.
An interesting thing a good friend of mine said and that was 'Noora, you haven't found what you truly love doing, you're still looking'. He was so right. He hit the nail on the head with that one. Nevertheless I feel like I found it but it's still a working progress. InshAllah things go well. I reached a stage in my life where I've had enough of doing what 'seems to be ideal to others' and do what i passionatly enjoy...Don't want to jinx it so i'll write about it till the ball starts rolling. Wish me luck. : )