Sunday, November 7, 2010

Frustration Carves Determination

Been feeling slightly frustrated last week due to unexplainable bullying that i've been receiving at work. However, during the weekend, spirits have been lifted by wonderful friends and supportive people who showed me that I have something special going on here. My friends (since high school) stood by me with their kind and encouraging words...sort of like holding my spirits up straight so it wouldn't crash in sorrow.
Not to mention on my twitter read a lovely statement by 2 lovely people Mahdihsn & Fatma Salim, it truly made me smile and realize that I am a truly blessed individual and that positive thought prepped me up to face any obstacle or difficult people that will come my way today.
I'm an interestingly complex creature with a kind soul and a positive nature and I won't allow anyone to destroy that gift, so let them do their worst, because frustration carves determination and InshAllah I will overcome this because I choose to place my faith blindly in God...And if I ever feel down I'll go back to my friends or the embrace of my mother elhumdellah. : )

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  1. Yet another indication of your positivity. Thanks for the mention, epitome of inspiration. Keep your blog posts coming. ♡