Monday, May 31, 2010


So many projects and errands to finish before mid July. It's starting to overwhlem me! I think my nerves are getting the best of me since I've been nominated to be the speaker at a massive event...Standing infront of a few hundreds to speak is my greatest fear and I honestly wasnt too happy about the way I was pushed into doing it. I'm usually a quiet person so i'm amazed as to what they saw in me as a potential outgoing speaker. I mean it's one thing to be loud on facebook, but to speak to a huge 'tough' crowd is just down right terrifying..InshAllah khair.. At least my Birthday is coming near which is something to look forward to. I wonder what this new chapter in my life will bring me. A degree, a good man, a peace of mind? Hopefully it will be something to go along with my content soul =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Where to venture this summer..

June is coming close (even though i might travel in July) and I still can't figure out where to travel. Even though many recommended Europe my heart is set on New York & Italy. I truly want to go there! Last time I went there I loved it!
Early morning jogs and picnics with the family in Central Park, Evening walks in Times square, the museums, Harlem, Soho. I especially enjoyed my solo strolls in the city, reading in old jewish bookstores and shopping like crazy in Victoria Secret.
It's impossible to go there and not be inspired and blown away! Plus it's way cheaper than Europe.
My second option is Italy (it would probably be the first place I'd go to). Specifically Florence and como. Been to these places before and I loved them. Love the food, love the shopping....the men are not too shabby either ;)
InshAllah by June will make a decision.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Psychiatric Ward visit

Had an assignment the other day in which I had to take a tour with the doctors to the psychiatric ward in a hospital. It was a fascinatingly sad experience. I don't know why but for some strange reason I don't consider them insane, just hiding somewhere in their minds and are too scared to come out. There was something strange, sad, interesting, scary, peculiar (all these words clashed in my mind) about how some dragged their foot slowly and shyly looked at us, how they stared with such intense and intellectual concentration a blank wall, and how one of them walked to us and said he has water in his brains.
How did they turn out that way? Surely most of them weren't born that way.

As the Senior doctor showed us how some of the rooms were made for the safety of the patient from him/her self, I felt that they looked something out of a 1950s asylum from a horror movie. He did mention that they need to change the way they deal with them by introducing many therapeutic and calming activities instead of just seating them in front of the TV for hours with very little activity.
Now I'm not saying that this is all cruel (I have no medical background and I'm sure these doctors and medical professionals know what they're doing in a way) but I'm sure that they need to develop their program and services in this enigmatic and sensitive field.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burned out then Some...

It's been one crazy month. So much work to be done and not enough time to invest in myself. Can't wait for my summer vacation inshAllah!
Been feeling overwhelmed from just about everything in my life. Last night didnt help as I was looking for a good university in DIFC...why do most expats who have lived a few good years in the UAE STILL are cautious in speaking to us Emaratis (especially women) don't want to interact properly or even speak to us! And that excuse of 'cultural difference' is so 10 years ago.
It's just so frustrating and disrespectful! They come to our country with no interest about interacting with the Emaratis...One of the friendliest, hospitable and charitable Arabs around!