Thursday, November 26, 2009


Off to Italy with the family! Will be back in a week inshAllah...I promised myself to do as little shopping as possible. Can't wait to walk in the streets of Firenze and get inspired! =)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The New Business Idea

Ok so I'm trying to come up with a creative name from my small vintage gift wrapping business. I want something that stands out in the crowd. Believe it or not I wanted to start a glamorous lingerie business but my mom didn't think it appropriate at all being a single emarati lady in a conservative society.
I'm kind of glad she stopped me otherwise I would'nt have thought of a gift wrapping store cause I'm enjoying doing research about it more than the lingerie one. Will be writing down a list of names during the Eid break so inshAllah khair, here's to hoping things go well. A friend once told me that Business is 10% success and 90% failure, but what makes overshadows that 90% is the determination, positive thinking and faith. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eid & Henna

After googling for a couple of hours I found some Henna designs I'd like to see on my hands and feet! Will wait after Eid (when I get back from my trip inshAllah) to have my Henna done cause after Eid the Henna Salons won't be insanely crowded and I want to keep it fresh to show it off at work! ;P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Most figure flattering coat

I'll be traveling soon with the family inshAllah and I'm looking for the perfect coat (I've spent 8 hours in Dubai Mall yesterday!!). I went to most of the high brands but couldn't find the ideal coat. Until I went to TopShop (2nd round) where found this coat which at first I was hesitant because it looked plain I wanted a brighter color. But when I tried it on...It was like a glove! It made my waist so look tiny it was ridiculous. And the flare at the bottom was so feminine that I twirled once inside the fitting room lol! I'm so glad that my feet didnt suffer for nothing. =)

Breast Cancer Awareness

Ok so it might be a little late but the reason it took a while in our organization is because we were working on this program (which will officially be on a yearly basis) to have all our female employees go through a breast examination for free be it in Private or Goverment owned hospitals which i think is excellent! It also encouraged me to buy something thoughtful like these stainless steel water bottles from for our breast cancer survivors.
Ladies, you are truly an inspiration for us all for always having a positive attitude before such a life shattering disease and teaching us to appreciate the small things in life. God Bless you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Salam Everyone!

My name is Noora and I'm a native Emarati living in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. I decided to start the blog 'Beauty from the top of a chandelier' to celebrate all that is beautiful, whimsical and dreamy.

So long have I been hiding this love for all that is romantic because I was so engrossed into being this cold, career-driven lady in a cut-throat corporate organization. But with a new job which is dedicated to saving eople's lives and applying for a masters' degree and (InshAllah) starting a new small business that I will launch and post about in 3 months I feel that God has Given me another, more beautiful path, to begin with.

SO! I will be posting ALOT of images that (I think) inspires beauty and make people smile. I hope you'll be visiting and be inspired as much as I'll enjoy posting every week.