Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greatest Beauty: A woman's Confidence

The minute we have a family wedding coming up, we instantly think of all the brands we 'ought to' be wearing for the wedding inorder to look (and feel) like a million dirhams...There IS some truth there as weddings don't happen often but I passionatly believe in what my mother and aunt always taught me...'Noora if a woman carries herself in a glamorously confident and regal manner, she can wear just about anything and everyone will think it's a designer wear'. Not to mention my dear friend Reem B stressed on how confidence is key to a woman's beauty, and mashAllah she's a beautiful lady but with the confidence that she blossomed within'd think she stepped of a beauty pageant stage mashAllah.
So Brides and ladies...It's ALWAYS about confidence. Yes you can wear eye-blinding diamonds, climb on the highest Louboutain you can get your hands on, wear a jaw-dropping Zuhair Murad master peice of a gown, but if you don't have the confidence and a sincere smile to carry it off...then you're better off staying home and watching the Fashion Channel to learn how to strut like a real woman! *snap*

Strike a feirce pose, smile, and ye shall be swoon worthy!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emarati Wedding Planner: Tantalizing Tulle

Emarati Wedding Planner: Tantalizing Tulle: "I'm a tulle gal...I believe a girl can never have too much tulle. The more Tulle the more glamorous!   I think at this rate of post..."

Sensual Sorbets

I love Sorbets....And that's all I can say. It's still very warm in Dubai so that's my justification for posting these delectable desserts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joys of Tea & taosted Nutella spread

A thought from my corporate desk


There is a fine line between ambitious and backstabbing selfishness, many seem to use the 2nd one as an excuse for the first.

Have a lovely Thursday

With winter around the corner and summer is ending (the heat stayed a little too long though), so much has happened that made me think twice about certain decision making issues and people. Such an eye-opening week  that had its 'aha!' moments elhumdellah. So proud that i managed to keep my cool even though their were moments I felt blah and fed up. : )
Anyways will keep it short, have a lovely weekend and stay positive! Good things come to those who are  calm and kind at heart.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inspiring smiles #2


I dedicate this to my friends who have alot of things going on for them (mashAllah) and refuse to see it even though they are surrounded by loved ones..I understand that life isn't always cream and peaches but sometimes you need to give yourself a mental slap cause time passes by so fast, and when you're old you will look back in regret to how you wasted your youth lamenting over things that are so not worth it.

Brief ranting: Social pressure for beauty

Probably one the most unorthodox ways to commence a thought but elhumdellah I am truly glad that my mom pounded in me the idea that i'm a beautiful human saddens me that I have only come to realize and appreciate it after almost 17 years. that's right 17th years. I 'm just glad I didn't have my young and fragile confidence be exposed to this time and generation.
The standard of social beauty in today's society has sky rocketed. Little girls are racing to be sultry women while the rest want to fit in the tightest leggings they can get their hands on. Call me old school but I yearn for the days when girls were naiive, when they took their time to grow and clumsily entered the blossoming stage of womanhood (I assure you i stumbled one too many times to become the woman that I am today).
and I apologize for this next sentence but though many of these little girls paint their faces brilliantly, when you approach them they seem to lack that womanly oomph and you realize you are looking at a child trying so hard to be a woman so soon.
I shan't blame all the mother's for letting their little girls go out that way (for not all of them are even aware or see it) but SURELY some actually take a look at their daughter's faces and their sense of fashion before they step out the door. Have they no fear for their children?? Aren't they aware of the sexual predators and twisted perverts who will feast their eyes on them? I'm a single lady but the very thought of these things make me shudder.
I'm aware that things can't go back the wya they were and I know it's not all doom and gloom but I sincerely hope that the society will open up in a more assertive manner to discuss these issues and for parents to have a more open and transparent relation with their children.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Note to self

Books, Glorious Books

I'm proud to say I'm the ultimate bookworm! I don't stick to one genre because I believe diversity enriches the mind and soul. I leave you with these photos that took my breath away just by looking at it. This also reminds me that I need to stock up some good books on my shelf.

In Secrecy

كل ما كان بالكتمان يكون فيه توفيق
(هذي وصيه من الرسول (أقضو حاجاتكم بالكتمان

The meaning of it is finalize major (which are personal) issues and projects in secrecy. Do not go yapping about it to everyone you meet or to so many people. That’s something that I certainly know is very true in our Middle Eastern culture. It's best to work on things quietly, be they private businesses, marriage proposals, plans for higher education and just about anything that might have a positively profound effect on your life.

I suppose it's because the UAE is a small community and everybody knows everybody that encourages people to talk about one another. I don't claim I'm a saint and I do feel a twinge of guilt when I engage in a few gossiping, I’m honestly working on curbing it big time as I feel it's the scourge of society and it does more harm than good.  Not to mention, we believe in something called 'the evil eye' which makes us more cautious in who speak to of any good fortune that is bestowed upon us.
I swear to God I seriously need to apply more  (أقضو حاجاتكم بالكتمان) to myself!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random: Soothing Color Palettes

Inspiring smiles

Thinking of starting a weekly dose of a post called 'Inspiring Smiles', though knowing me i'll be posting it every few days can never have too many reasons to smile : )

With time

Brother's wedding: Over

My brother's wedding is done and ALL the stress with it is gone...However i can't help but feel this sense of emptiness. For almost a year I've dived into researching, organizing and coming up with creative decor for my brother's wedding and now I feel..blah.
Though I had a blast at the wedding I just can't believe how fast it passed, almost like a dream, so amazing how all the preparation that we worked on for a year feels like it went 'fast forward' in mere minutes during the wedding.
Still, it was an amazing experience and I was so pleased that many were impressed with the arrangements that they asked me to assist them in their coming weddings, maybe it's a part time career that I ought to consider. Not a full time wedding planner but more like a wedding 'consultant', sort of guiding and advising ladies how to spend wisely and tastefully on their weddings while being impressively innovative.

posted a view photos i caught on my blackberry but will post the rest of the decor photos soon!
build up of the stage

Hanging Chandeliers on top of the dancefloor

Wedding's table set, so proud of it!

Build up: 3 types of vases were used and here's one covered in delicate white lace

Monday, October 11, 2010

Note to self

Pardon for the assertive 'bumper sticker'  but we honestly need to be sincerely grateful for the things we have and stop yearning and whining for the things that we don't have, who knows, God might have it for us just around the corner but we are too focused on feeling sorry for ourselves that we don't truly enjoy and cherish the present moment that we have. : ) 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturdays and WaterMelons

Saturday is becoming my favorite day of the week. It's probably the only day where I spend quiet hours munching on some fresh cold watermelon, watch Style TV and then blog endlessly without any interuption : )

Friday, October 8, 2010

Flower Galore

As my dear friend 7ayaty ince said: 'Noora you're obssesed aren't you? ' lol.
Yes I believe i'm really into flowers (particularly those that are leaning towards the dusty, vintage, pink shades) but i can't help it. The very sight of it relaxes and renders me content in a way i can't find words for it. So uplifting they are!