Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brief ranting: Social pressure for beauty

Probably one the most unorthodox ways to commence a thought but elhumdellah I am truly glad that my mom pounded in me the idea that i'm a beautiful human saddens me that I have only come to realize and appreciate it after almost 17 years. that's right 17th years. I 'm just glad I didn't have my young and fragile confidence be exposed to this time and generation.
The standard of social beauty in today's society has sky rocketed. Little girls are racing to be sultry women while the rest want to fit in the tightest leggings they can get their hands on. Call me old school but I yearn for the days when girls were naiive, when they took their time to grow and clumsily entered the blossoming stage of womanhood (I assure you i stumbled one too many times to become the woman that I am today).
and I apologize for this next sentence but though many of these little girls paint their faces brilliantly, when you approach them they seem to lack that womanly oomph and you realize you are looking at a child trying so hard to be a woman so soon.
I shan't blame all the mother's for letting their little girls go out that way (for not all of them are even aware or see it) but SURELY some actually take a look at their daughter's faces and their sense of fashion before they step out the door. Have they no fear for their children?? Aren't they aware of the sexual predators and twisted perverts who will feast their eyes on them? I'm a single lady but the very thought of these things make me shudder.
I'm aware that things can't go back the wya they were and I know it's not all doom and gloom but I sincerely hope that the society will open up in a more assertive manner to discuss these issues and for parents to have a more open and transparent relation with their children.

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  1. Nicely said Noora, although it's few years between us and them the difference is huge as my mom said (poor guys, if you dressed this way back then you would be labeled in a very bad way..). Interesting topic thank you