Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brother's wedding: Over

My brother's wedding is done and ALL the stress with it is gone...However i can't help but feel this sense of emptiness. For almost a year I've dived into researching, organizing and coming up with creative decor for my brother's wedding and now I feel..blah.
Though I had a blast at the wedding I just can't believe how fast it passed, almost like a dream, so amazing how all the preparation that we worked on for a year feels like it went 'fast forward' in mere minutes during the wedding.
Still, it was an amazing experience and I was so pleased that many were impressed with the arrangements that they asked me to assist them in their coming weddings, maybe it's a part time career that I ought to consider. Not a full time wedding planner but more like a wedding 'consultant', sort of guiding and advising ladies how to spend wisely and tastefully on their weddings while being impressively innovative.

posted a view photos i caught on my blackberry but will post the rest of the decor photos soon!
build up of the stage

Hanging Chandeliers on top of the dancefloor

Wedding's table set, so proud of it!

Build up: 3 types of vases were used and here's one covered in delicate white lace

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