Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is certainly me when the battery is dangerously low on my laptop lol!

Critical battery:


Thursday, June 23, 2011

آية الكرسي : )



Thoughtful Thursdays deux

Busiest Month EVER!

Elhumdellah I'm soo releived that this month is about to come to an end as it has truly drained me! Still it wasn't all that bad as I celebrated my birthday during the Alumnae Gala Dinner (got the sweetest surprise from my Alumni friends backstage, 2 lovely cakes and a beautiful bouquet of flowers) and had a blast celebrating elhumdellah : ).
While some might not feel comfortable saying this I'm pleased that I did some of the things that I wouldn't do years ago due to my lack of confidence and massive problem with body image during the Alumnae Dinner celebration. I gave a speech that came from the heart (personally I grew bored of  the stiff and dull speeches, people need to start talking from the heart and mean it! Oh and it needs to be short and sweet). Plus I walked in a fashion show. That's right you read that I walked in a fashion show lol! The way I figured it I though 'I'm 29 now and I need to do something interesting so I'd have none of that 'What if' thoughts to drag with me. Plus I had the height and the looks for it elhumdellah so I figured why not ; )

All in all I immensely enjoyed it but now it's time to face the music and brace myself for a massive final exam in International Political Economics and a paper submission *groan* God give me the strength and energy to pull through.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My summer colour

Sea Foam Green


Though my Birthday is on the same day as the Alumnae Dinner Gala I'm still determined to have fun even though i'll be running around preparing for this event! ; )
*Note to self* the June 9 post will be a list of thinks that I'm grateful for and what have I acheived and where do I want to be inshAllah....

Can you keep a secret?: CYKAS in Harpers Bazaar Arabia 2011

So proud of my friend Reem Al Nuaimi!
Her CYKAS business is doingso well mashAllah and I'm tempted to get me one. Can't wait to see the new collection in the ZU Alumnae Dinner Gala inshAllah : )

Can you keep a secret?: CYKAS in Harpers Bazaar Arabia 2011: "The CYKAS turbans are issued in Bazaar Arabia Pg 65 & 70 for the 'New Year Evolution' editorial. The turbans issued in the shoot are the ..."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zayed University Alumnae Dinner Gala

For the past month I've been running around like the mother of the Groom (or bride depending on your culture). I've been insanely busy preparing this event with a passion that it will launch a strong Alumnae Board and bring back some old graduates to have a memorable time...and with a few days left to June 9 I truly understand the concept of the silence before the storm. *sigh* hope everything runs smooth I'm just glad that there are some dedicated Alumnae helping me out on this.
I just wish I didn't agree to have the event on my birthday : (...not to be cynical but i'l realistic that there's barely anyone who would make the effort to do something for my birthday as I would for many of my friends. oh well. InshAllah khair.
I'm not down btw just want to release some of the stress that's overwhelming me so I can move on and focus on this HUGE event, as well as my quiz which is a day before the event. Wish me luck!