Thursday, September 30, 2010

My covet 2: Floral Crowns

I find the idea of a 'floral crown' very romantic and mother nature's fine jewellery... not to meantion it gives the hair a celestial appearance.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Color Inspiration Board

Always a treat for my eyes. I love how the particular color is captured in beautiful designs and texture to enhance it's appeal as a color. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Pretty Pinks and Peaches


Provocative Purple

Icey Blue and Jaded Greens

Mellow Yellow

Oh so Orange

Tempting Teal

Blushing Browns

Seafoam Mint

When Silver Met Turquoise

Minty Melon
Glamorous Grey

Pink is the new Black
Golden Opulance
Absolutely Apricot

Golden Burgundy


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Now this is inspiring : )

Makeover for my Chambre

I've decided to move forward with the Bedroom makeover cause believe it or not I don't get this uplifting feeling entering my bedroom after a long day. It's too gloomy, depressing and slightly old. Need to start looking for an interior designer to help me out with the layout....maybe I should consider a bit of feng shui?


Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Tea we trust!

I am in no mood whatsoever to go to the office tomorrow...I have no objection in doing work, if it's from the comfort of my bedroom with a cuppa tea! Allah Yester, new projects coming from my boss, brother's wedding creeping closer and College will start...It's starting to overwhelm me...I need to get up and make me some tea now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Eid is tomorrow and I though I'm not a big shopper I we went on the shopping spree of my life to get ready for it lol. Wishing you all a lovely Eid Break with joy ,happiness and good health to you and your loved ones. : )

لست أول المهنئين. لكنني أرقهم كلمة،، وأصدقهم مشاعر وألطفهم عبارة أنتقي أحرفي بكل إتقان ليس لأنني مبدع الكلمة..بل لأنني سأوجهها لمن تثنت لأجله الجمل!طربآ لقدومها إليه أهنئك بمناسبة قدوم العيد السعيد

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I truly am...

Ramadan coming to an end...

I find it sad how many muslims only make the effort to read quran during Ramadan. almost a few weeks back a lady in the office was telling us about this woman who finished reading the quran in ramadan 40 times and I thought to myself...This isn't a race!? How can these people 'skim' through the pages without feeling the comforting effect of these holy words on their souls.
I sincerely hope more muslims will make the time and effort to read at least a page from the quran on daily basis after Ramadan inshAllah. Allah Yhadeena jamee3an. : )

A sudden memory flash: My Dr. Martins

The look exactly like the ones i had! Perhaps I ought to buy them online...

Sub7anAllah, the brain is an amazing thing! As I was going through through certain blogs, actively avoiding the fashionista ones as they rarely provoke my inspiration, I saw a particular photo of an old vintage Dr. Martin that is very similar to the ones I had and wore in high school. I bought it in Germany, Hannover in an old shoe store and my mom encouraged me to go for it (mashAllah I just realized how cool my mom is and way ahead of her time Allah y7afeth'ha, makes me love her and appreciate it more as I grow older everyday I wish I appreciated her more when I was a teenager).
Unfortunatly I was a chubby awkward kid with painfully low self-esteem and when I wore it in high school the mean girls (who i thought were cool) wouldn't stop laughing and pointing at them and mocking...I'm not too pleased to say that I remember the stabbing sounds of their mocking laughter. It made me feel so hurt and angry that the next day I took those shoes and threw them in the Art Club storage room in school. Can't believe I did that. I realized now that I was very unique even back then but smothered it just to get these girl's approval and I wouldn't be laughed at...*smiles to herself* Sub7anAllah, I'm slightly amused at myself for remembering this incedent but also remembered that it taught me one of the best lessons that I added to my characteristics today: Never to mock anybody's individuality and never be judgemental, for who am I to judge?? All I want to do is focus on being a better person for myself, my family, friends and most importantly for Allah.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Leftover memories I'm trying to wipe

New Name? Why not?

I'm aware that most of my friends find my idea of changing my name highly amusing, but I'm absolutly in love wit with this gorgeous Arabic name for quite some time! The name is AlJohara (which I believe means precious jewel when translated to english)...To me it's such a regal name and very very feminine in Arabic. Plus it fits perfectly with my family name : )