Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A little Humour

Something to lighten up my mood...and yours too perhaps ; )

Here's an image that truly describes my reaction: When the professor postponed an assignment...LOL


Evening/Dawn thoughts

I couldn't sleep. Had so much to get off my chest and it's 4 in the morning, so accepting the fact that I will pull an all nighter (might as well go early to the gym before work) I figured that I needed to vent out my thoughts and I'm so glad that I remembered the empty pages of my beloved blog waiting for me ti fill it with what's weighting my heart down.
I miss parts of my past (don't we all?)
I've just finished my Masdters in Diplomacy and International Affairs from Zayed University AD and though I received well wishes and some flowers from my lovely frineds I can't seem to help but feel...empty. As if it's not much of an acheivement for me...why?! I thought to myself. After to long years of being taken to AD and back to Dubai while studying in the car I just feel very little to no sense of acheivement.
Forgive me all if this post seems unorganised (those who got use to the posts on my blog know by now my writing style so for those first timers, I apologize).
Now, going back to my point of missing the past....I feel there some parts of it that I would have liked to correct it or at least wished I was wiser back then, I know, I sound immature about lamenting about things that have gone and are in the past (not everything mind you, some incedents I am glad have occured and some people removed from my life, I promise no regrets there.) but I can't conjure the strength in me to fight this heavy thought of What if, or, I could have/ I should have/I have said the right things...I don't know. Al I know that I feel slightly empty.
I feel a bit tired from giving as well, I just don't have the energy to give and I truly wish I'd start living for me...I've been so busy trying to be impressive and now I just need space I do not want to be extremely career oriented nor a superficial lazy gal. I, in no way find the concept of a 'obsessively career driven women' appealing. Never did, never will and I never want to be in that category for I have seen these ladies in action and it's frightening. They're obsessed in taking down one another to be in the spotlight....no I don't want to be one of them. I just want to be my simple self. Having a simple desk job and doing research on what I love (risk management and geopolitical risks...I know what you're thinking...that is NOT simple lol).
You know what I truly want to be? A florist. Yes a florist. Not just any entreupeneur who owns a shop, but to own it and work with flowers : )  . The very thought of that makes me smile.

Maybe I know think about it while running on the treadmill in an hour since I've got 1 hour left to get ready for work. Elhumdellah, I'm just glad I wrote bits and peices of my thoughts here, I feel lighter at heart right now. Should get back to my writing as it's always been a sanctuary for me.



Sunday, October 7, 2012



I honestly can't believe it took me this long to get my act together and return to my sanctuary I call my swinging chandelier. I promised myself tonight that ill return back to ending my days with my evenings thoughts that always helped me clear my mind. Stay tuned and brace yourselves. For I have changed...I think the appropriate old be blossomed.
More to come inshAllah


Monday, June 4, 2012

♥ فيروز

It's been too long!

Friends, I have never been this busy since...actually I have never been this busy period! But decided today to stop spreading myself thin and focus on my priorities. It's been a long process but I believe i am back on track inshAllah.
Things started calming down from balancing school work, corporate work and social life...actually scratch social life I had none for months!
But Now I promise I'm back and will be able to write more often inshAllah.



Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was going to end my day with some evening thoughts but this image changed my mind...This is the greatest *goodnight* move I have EVER seen! lol!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Floral Friday

The most beautiful floral boutique I have ever seen in my life! Wanted to stay in there forever when I was in Paris last winter ...My heart smiles everytime I look at it : )

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have faith in Allah, listen to that inner voice

MoveForWorldCancer Walkathon

So proud of the Dubai and AbuDhabi Zayed University Alumnae Board for working so hard on this : )
Friends, if you're interested in joining to help raise money for cancer patients who are strugging to cover for the cost of their payment please find the information below to join us for this wonderful cause!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I asked Allah

I asked Allah to protect me from my enemies...and I started losing friends.
Today I have not an ounce of doubt that He has a remarkable plan for meand that He saved me from those who wished me ill and wouldn't hesitate to throw me in the corner and try to crush my spark and intellect.
Never have I seen things more clearly than I have today, and yet, instead of bitterness I am filled with joy and pride that I not only I am a thinker rather than a follower but I have found inner peace and embraced it rather than continue to be expressively agree. I confess I had an angry moment and I think that is truly healthy for it wouldn't be healthy to bottle up anger. I can truly say I am truly free and have learned to stop controlling any situation and learn focus on my mind, for once I learn to do that, everything falls into place. Elhumdellah.
However I confess while I see the light of clarity I see tiny shadows in the corner (hence my first statement 'I asked Allah to protect me from my enemies...and I started losing friends'). It's slightly sad how people think and it renders me slightly disappointed how they choose to follow, speak beahind one another and fear the concept of courage as they willingly choose to hurt or be silence against what is wrong for their own self interest.
Then again, maybe they weren't meant to be 'friends' but rather aquaintence. People that I would be sincerely civil with yet be 10 times more alert and sharp in body and mind when dealing with them.
I understand that it is in human nature for us to be selfish, everyone of us, but I know for a fact that Allah has made that (selfish) trait less in some people's souls and more in others.
I know I am in no way perfect nor will I ever be...heck, I know for a fact that the old kind office guy who makes the coffee and tea in my old job is far better than me (and any senior employee if you ask me)...but I know through all my faults that I have very little selfishness in me. Arrogent? One might think so, but I assure you, if you have experienced raw emotional pain in the past, the trait (selfish) would decrease remarkebly because you know what pain is like. To be back stabbed, bullied, deceived and spoken behind your back, so you wouldn't sincerely wish that pain on anyone. You become emotionally and mentally 'awake' so you would ensure that you wouldn't intentionally do what others have done to you.
So all in all, I want to thank Allah for putting me through all of this to 'awaken' my soul. It is truly an honour for me that He has placed me through this path to be a better human being and find what most people struggle to find in their lifetime...inner peace. : )



Sunday, February 26, 2012

Too adorable


Not exactly relevent to the post but loved the photo!

Afternoon dear friends, my apologies for not posting much as I've been executing many decisions that have been swirling in my mind. in Job (place was sadly poisening my intellect with the gossip and slow productivity) university (doing very well elhumdellah and considering to persue more higher education in the future inshAllah!), family (so much better than before elhumdellah that i'm happy with the increased family time i'm having).
Anyway will be posting more often but right now need to set a plan for the gym and for my Zayed University Alumnae Board : ) Will keep you all posted, especially on the Move For World Cancer Walkathin that's taking place on March16th in Dubai. If you'd like some information to participate on this evewnt let me know!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Arabian Wedding Designs

Enjoy, I know my eyes did : )


Beautifully said

I heard what you said. I’m not the silly romantic you think. I don’t want the heavens or the shooting stars. I don’t want gemstones or gold. I have those things already. I want…a steady hand. A kind soul. I want to fall asleep, and wake, knowing my heart is safe.
Shana Abé, The Dream Thief

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I relate : )

Jotting down thoughts

This week has been a remarkable week for me. Actually I feel as though I got off a roller coaster ride and now I am calmer, steadier in what lies before me.
Truly it has been a turbulent few months for me which has rendered me with a thought that tumbles in my mind in an endless circular motion. Why and Where?
Why do people feel this need to hurt, and where in God's green earth do they obtain this plaguing hunger to do so.
I am amazed. I'm not being sarcastic. I am truly amazed how some people try so heard to be
sychophants. Climbing on one another's shoulder, stabbing each other in the back to be close to influencial people or obtain a certain degree of power and authority.
That is just wrong! And That is one of poisonous elements that brought down nations! It pains me to see how many do that and lose track of what truly matters. Such as (which is the the most obvious of them all) give back to the country, support one another, respect one another and not gossip about one another.

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Brief Thought

It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Funny fact

I dedicate this to my post-graduate. Annoyingly true yet too funny!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thoughts of a winter rose garden

أقوال في العزيمة، أقوال في الإصرار والكفاح


مجموعة أقوال في العزيمة والإصرار والكفاح، من شأنها أن تجعل إصرارك وعزيمتك أكثر قوة وصلابة لتحقق أحلامك وأهدافك في الحياة، وتصير إنسانا ناجحا.

- الإرادة هي الفكرة، والعزيمة هي الروح . آرثر شوبنهاور

- الإرادة هي ما يدفعك للخطوة الأولى على طريق الكفاح، أما العزيمة فهي ما يبقيك على هذا الطريق حتى النهاية .

- كل الشدائد والعقبات التي واجهتها في حياتي زادت من عزيمتي .. قد لا تدرك هذا وقتما تلاقيك المحنة .. ولكن ركلة على أسنانك قد تكون أفضل ما يحصل لك في العالم . والت دزني

- قد تكون أفضل الطرق أصعبها ولكن عليك دائما إتباعها، إذ أن الإعتياد عليها سيجعل اللأمور تبدو سهلة .

- على قدر أهل العزم تأتي العزائم ... وتأتي على قدر الكرام المكارم

وتعظم في عين الصغير صغارها ... وتصغر في عين العظيم العظائم

أبو الطيب المتنبي

- الأفعال لا الأقوال دليل العزيمة الصادقة .

- توقع العقبات، لكن لا تسمح لها بمنعك من التقدم . روبرت شولر

- الموهبة وحدها لا تكفي .. استمر دائما، فلا يوجد شئ في العالم يمكنه أن يحل محل الإصرار. راي كروك

- العقبات هي تلك الأشياء المخفية التي تراها عندما ترفع عينيك عن الهدف . حنا مور

- سقوط الإنسان ليس فشلاً، ولكن الفشل أن يبقى حيث سقط .

- أنا مصمم على بلوغ الهدف، فإما أن أنجح ... و إما ... أن أنجح .

- تتحقق الكثير من الأشياء المهمة في هذا العالم لأولئك الذين أصروا على المحاولة على الرغم من عدم وجود الأمل . ديل كارنيجي

- كرهت كل لحظة من التدريب ولكني كنت أقول : لا تستسلم، اتعب الآن ثم عش بطلا بقية حياتك .

محمد علي كلاي

- لست الأفضل ولكن لي أسلوبي .. سأظل دائماً أتقبل رأي الناقد والحاسد، فالأول يصحح مساري، والثاني يزيد من إصراري .

- لا شئ ضروري لتحقيق النجاح بعد التوكل على الله أكثر من المثابرة لأنها تتخطى كل العراقيل .

- إقبل التحديات ، لكي تتمكن من الشعور بنشوة النصر. جورج باتون

- لا تقل قد فشلت، قل لم أنجح بعد .

- فقط من يتحدى هو من يعيش . روث فريدمان

- إن الضربات التي لا تقصم ظهرك تقويك . عمر المختار

- قد تثبت لك الأيام أن ما ظننته قلاع من صخور إنما هي حصون من ورق ...

- فريق منا تصرعه الضربة الأولى، وآخرون تخلق منهم الضربة الأولى أبطالا . مصطفى أمين

- كنت قد بدأت من الصفر، وفعلت أمرين قبل ان أصبح مليونيراً .. الأول أنني قررت أن أكون مليونيراً، والثاني أنني حاولت أن أكون مليونيراً . مليونير امريكي

المصدر : مدونة السعادة الموضوع الأصلي : أقوال في العزيمة، أقوال في الإصرار والكفاح