Monday, November 28, 2011


My finest tweets : ) looking through my old tweets I just wanted to compile the ones that brought a smile to my face, amused me or even made me wonder 'where in my brains do I come up with such logic'!?

- #GrowingUp I would cry in theatrical despair when my mother forced me 2 wear crazy printed Versace shirt. Amazing how ppl race for it in H&M

- A person who hurts others to get superficial rewards for contributions r like a pretty cake that's missing an important ingredient. Sugar

- ليست الألقاب هي التي تكسب المجد بل الناس من يكسبون الألقاب مجدا ‎

- I admire those people who have a gift to see beautiful things in humble places

- If u are cold, tea will warm u; if u are too heated, it will cool u; if u are depressed, it will cheer u; if u are excited, it will calm u

- You've got to dream like you've never seen obstacles.

- Second shots doesn't always mean a happy ending. Sometimes, it's just another shot to end things right

- When you’re reading a book, & something absolutely amazing happens, & you need to take a breather to let the information sink

- Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on

- Be soft. Don't let the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate and never let bitterness steal your sweetness.

- Life will kick u around. But sooner or later, u realize ur not just a survivor ur a warrior & u r stronger than anything life throws ur way

- The only white substance I abuse is sugar. Need to tame my sweet tooth

- لك صديق تثق به .. ولصديقك صديق يثق به .. ولصديقه صديق يثق به .. فاحتفظ بأسرارك لنفسك

- القبعه التي يرتديها الخريجين من الجامعات ابتكرها العرب المسلمين في الاندلس لوضع فوقها المصحف لكي يطبق قول الله (فوق كل ذي علم عليم)

- كلما زادت درجه تحمل الانسان لمسؤلية حياته في الماضي والحاضر زادت درجه تحكمه في تحقيق أحلام مستقبله

- Planning to avoid a meeting at 2 so i can have my lunch on my desk...I think I just traded my work ethics for a Starbucks Chicken Fajitta

- Me: mall is too crowded there's too many people. My 'friend': yes. We need a new plague. Me: What is wrong with you!?

- You can't always wait for the 'perfect time'. Sometimes you must dare yourself to take that jump and always keep faith in God

- Never have an excuse not to go to the gym. Because there will always be someone who is busier than you running on a treadmill

- You are not 'kind' in my book if you do not speak properly to a waiter. They are not inferior to you and you are in no way superior to them

- The creative adult is the child who survived

More to come inshAllah


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Evening Thought

Fact #3

Clearing the spider webs

Alright. Now i feel like I want to vent out briefly. Ready to throw the burden of my chest and move on cheerfully towards the positive things that are coming my way inshAllah.

I got backstabbed by those who were closest to me. it was verbally brutal and I have justified the fact that they probably didn't mean to hurt me but the damage was done, they hurt my mother. They have betrayed my trust and overthrew my kindness and that of my family. I do not hate them though. No. I am merely disappointed by their venomous reaction when I have confronted them with civility. Then again perhaps that's human nature when they are caught in a corner.
While others would gloat about hurting those who hurt them I decided to reach out to them in Eid by wishing them Eid Mubarak, thinking that maybe since it's not only a time of celebration but a time of mending things and clearing hearts. Sadly this individual probably didn't see it that way.  Then I tried to give it a shot 2 last times (third time my mother advised me to reach out just to clear my conscious) for the sake to end it with civility since I cannot bring myself to welcome this individual like I used to, with an open heart, mind and soul.
Sadly no response. So I decided to move on, for this person carried too much venom towards me and I have no room for that in my life.
After clearing my mind from all the negativity and returning from Italy all I have is disappointment and the question 'why'. Why speak ill about me and my family? What right did this person have when my family and I welcomed them with such sincerity.

Anyways I might never know the true answers behind that individuals choice to speak about me and my family. But I have made a decision. Yes I am human and I am disappointed and cannot bring myself to have this person back in my life. But I am a muslim and I will forgive this individual.


Fact #2

November Notes

Once again I graciously accept the verdict that I am guilty of neglecting my writing on my blog frineds...and no posting words of wisdon wouldn't be considered as writing my thoughts donw (well that's debatable perhaps but moving on).
It's been quite an intense month for me. It had its ups and downs but elhumdellah more ups than downs. For now I sincerely believe when they say in order to move full speed ahead you need to go back a bit to project yourself forward. I have lost a few people along the way, some I will miss while others not so very much but I choose to hold no grudges. For I made a prayer to God, asking Him to help me forgive all those who wronged me as long as He will forgive me for the mistakes (whether intentional or unintentional) I have made in my life.
I also decided to go back to the gym but this time not with the thought that I need to tone for an event but with the thought that I want to be good to the body that I have.
Last but not least I diceded to focus on my family and study more than ever and not to stress myself so much with work, for work is work. it starts at 8 and ends at 3 (well 4 usually). I choose to avoid talking about work and whatever politics I hear about and you know what? That was one of the best decisions I have ever made in a long time and I know for a fact that my brains and wellbeing are thanking me as I'm writing this : )

Anyways will end this post as I have a busy saturday tomorrow inshAllah. I am aware that I don't give too much details or express my feeling alot on the blog as I used to but please bear with me. I have gone through a difficult time that has made me trust people less. I promise in time I will be able to open more and share with you my thoughts with more abandonment.

Have a lovely evening all.



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


For some strange reason I have been remarkebly active on my twitter and less on my blog...need to fix that and restore the rightful balance. In the meantime you are all always welcome to follow me on my twitter (Left side of this page). : )


Monday, November 14, 2011

Things to do

Alright today I will try my best to acheive the following:

Eat Breakfast (rarely do)

Work extra hard (suggest the initiative that popped to my mind last evening)

Call Mom and Grandmother

Re-connect with all friends during the coffee break (yay!)

Order Noodle House Tiriyaki steak as takeout (who needs carb once you tried this heavenly dish)

Go to the gym to re-activate account and request personal trainer (the meanest they've a matter of fact so mean that i end up mumbling profanities by the end of the workout lol)

Salon appointment

Spend time with dad

...That should sum it up for today inshAllah : )



I won't commence with a rhetorical question because somehow I have recognized what it means to have courage.

- It's to make the first move to make peace with those who hurt you, especially when you've been betrayed.

- It's to speak up before senior officials on the things that are not right

- It's to recognise your weakness no matter how painful it is

- It's to stand tall and proud before cruel people who try to belittle you every chance they get

- It's to stop yourself from doing something that you know in your soul is wrong

- It's to contain the pain within youself and not be too expressive about it but lend an ear to those who need to speak

- It's to maintain dignity and calmness when you really want to express your anger at injustice

- It is to never stop hoping and acheiving even if you fail

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Under construction

Back from a lovely week in Italy elhumdellah and ready to dive into the productive chaos of work and school. I know i haven't been posting much but I've been undergoing some changes inside and out. More to come soon inshAllah.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yes, Elhumdellah, I do my very best to be grateful for what God has given me...but sometimes I wonder about certain things that are in the back of my head