Saturday, November 26, 2011

November Notes

Once again I graciously accept the verdict that I am guilty of neglecting my writing on my blog frineds...and no posting words of wisdon wouldn't be considered as writing my thoughts donw (well that's debatable perhaps but moving on).
It's been quite an intense month for me. It had its ups and downs but elhumdellah more ups than downs. For now I sincerely believe when they say in order to move full speed ahead you need to go back a bit to project yourself forward. I have lost a few people along the way, some I will miss while others not so very much but I choose to hold no grudges. For I made a prayer to God, asking Him to help me forgive all those who wronged me as long as He will forgive me for the mistakes (whether intentional or unintentional) I have made in my life.
I also decided to go back to the gym but this time not with the thought that I need to tone for an event but with the thought that I want to be good to the body that I have.
Last but not least I diceded to focus on my family and study more than ever and not to stress myself so much with work, for work is work. it starts at 8 and ends at 3 (well 4 usually). I choose to avoid talking about work and whatever politics I hear about and you know what? That was one of the best decisions I have ever made in a long time and I know for a fact that my brains and wellbeing are thanking me as I'm writing this : )

Anyways will end this post as I have a busy saturday tomorrow inshAllah. I am aware that I don't give too much details or express my feeling alot on the blog as I used to but please bear with me. I have gone through a difficult time that has made me trust people less. I promise in time I will be able to open more and share with you my thoughts with more abandonment.

Have a lovely evening all.



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