Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm trying...

Confucius says so

Unfortunately very few believe such a thing as many seem to have this morbid obsession to complicate their lives just so it can seem of importance, like they are trying to make it relevant.

Everybody's life is relevant and I believe it will be more enjoyable if we learn that happiness is so easy to obtain. It isn't in an fancy inanimate object or a woman/man, it is within us. We just need to learn to be aware of it, aware of our mind, body, aware breathing through our noses (because of the life we live I notice we don't even seem to have time to breath) and just say elhumdellah and smile occasionally.

Sadly many are too engrossed of focusing on things they think is the focal of their lives when it really isn' isn't the 'center' of their universe, they, themselves are the center of their own universe. : )

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Fotos

Amazing & Sad

44yr old gravid female with previous 6 children, was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of cervix (early stage cancer of womb). so total removal of uterus( womb) considered with fetus in situ, for long life of the female so abortion was inevitable for future health of the lady. (source)

We seem to take health for granted...we seem to forget what a blessing it is to be able to get up from bed, to breath, to see all the wonder around us. It is truly sad but an amazing wonder of human nature. Sub7anAllah

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2011 Is the year of the people

The UAE 'Founding Fathers' who dedicated their, time, money and lives to the people, Allah Yer7amhum

With what's taking place in many of the Arab Countries (that are controlled by corrupted dictators) is soul shakingly positive by all means. The way bottled frustration has morphed into rage against injustice has spread like wild fire and one cannot help but feel it.
I'm so proud of the Egyptians, Tunisians and Libiyans for standing up againts the tyrans who greedily seazed the riches of their land without sharing nor investing it to the most important wealth they will ever have, their people.
I am truly proud to be an emarati and to be blessed by leaders who invest heavily in their people and never turn them away when one of them is in need. A british friend and I were having a debate about communication with the people and one example I used is this: In Britian you citizens can't even enter the Prime Minister's office to talk about your problems and issues while in the UAE we can personally meet the ruler and talk to him about our problem as people in which they listen and do something about it.

Truly it's a blessing to be in the UAE and to be a citizen of this country. So proud infact that it has inspired me to apply for a Master in Diplomacy and International Affair : ). It's just that with all that is happening and the way the UAE is advising and being impressively diplomatic makes me want to get involved and represent this country in the best image that it has always represnted itself.
 I wish the best for all the Arab countries and their people across the region  and I hope many of them learn that a country is not in its oil, money or army but it is in its people. So I say power to the people : )

In a very girly pink mood today

Woke up this monring and feeling very 'girly pink' and couldn't help but express it and celebrate it through my blog...I don't get it either, I suppose it's one of those days.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just one of those days

Trying to go confidently in the direction of my dreams but i'm slightly hesitant. Elhumdellah alot of positive things are coming to my life that i'm scared that it might disappear overnight.
I have 2 major decisions to make in my life, one is about my job the other is about my study. I know that once I make the descision I need to stick to it otherwise my credibility as an assertive confident individual will go down the drain.
God please help me, I know i'm not a great person but I'm trying.
Pardon my erratic post today, I guess it's one of those days when you're confused and overwhelmed.
I think ill go and take a walk or fill my car with gas lol.