Monday, February 28, 2011

Confucius says so

Unfortunately very few believe such a thing as many seem to have this morbid obsession to complicate their lives just so it can seem of importance, like they are trying to make it relevant.

Everybody's life is relevant and I believe it will be more enjoyable if we learn that happiness is so easy to obtain. It isn't in an fancy inanimate object or a woman/man, it is within us. We just need to learn to be aware of it, aware of our mind, body, aware breathing through our noses (because of the life we live I notice we don't even seem to have time to breath) and just say elhumdellah and smile occasionally.

Sadly many are too engrossed of focusing on things they think is the focal of their lives when it really isn' isn't the 'center' of their universe, they, themselves are the center of their own universe. : )

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  1. Agree with you.

    The problem is people are NEVER satisfied. They spend there whole life 'wanting' what somebody else has and never enjoy or are thankful of what they already have.