Friday, August 9, 2013

Counting the days

Eid Mubarak to you all! ...though I confess after a manic period that lazily strolled through my life I'm more than ready to jump on a plane and escape with my family, my ballerina flats and stacks of books (though I'm getting my ipad, I prefer to be old-school with my reading)!
God, so much has happened that I'm ready to re-charge at this rate, I want to escape! To do the following things in my dream city:
-Get lost in the city
-Explore some flower shops
-lie down in the grass in the park and read
-go to an eclectic coffee shop and read
-go to the beach and read a book
-accept the challenge to consume the 1500 calories burrito lol 

I promise I'll write more often during my trip, I feel my reading will return to its creative glory once I'm more relaxed.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Smiley tired eyes

 Ever woke up with a creative idea so brilliant that it kept u up all night because it like an awesome tidal wave crashing against ur heart? That happened to me today...and though my body is slightly weak my heart is excited with the project I'm working on. InshAllah things work out! To tell ye the truth it's been keeping me up for months and I'm in no way complaining. It's just that e ideas and inspirations that are plaguing my mind and heart is just joyfully overwhelming that amusingly my body took a beating from it with the lack of sleeping and suppressed appetite...which isn't bad for any lady who wants to lose a pound or 2...or 3 or 4. Lol!
Anyways need to splash my face with freezing water and face the treacherously fascinating labyrinth that is life.


Morning friends


Friday, July 12, 2013

A lazy thought


               A bed, be it tidy or untidy is always inviting! Enjoy your weekend my friends!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A brief thought.


            Nothing can really be beautiful unless it consists of a little imperfect peculiarity

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lazy Saturday


A steamed bubble bath full of bubbles (there's no such thing as too much bubbles darn it!)
Brain cell numbing stacks of gossip magazine to announce to the world today how much care you'll giving during the holy bubble bath time.

Simple yet a sensational way to end a weekend....then lie in bed and watch some silly reality shows as well as excruciatingly stupid talk shows that will make you laugh and wonder if Darwin's theory of evolution is true after observing how cave-man-like people can behave....

Enjoy your Saturday friends for I plan to enjoy mine with a vengeance lol


Hilarious Fact


                                                   LOL a sad yet amusing fact! 

Love for your brother what you love for yourself "احب لاخيك ما تحب لنفسك"


An evening thought that has been swirling in my mind. I may not be confident nor sure and most probably not the epitome of saintly perfection, but I most certainly wish the best for others as equally possible as I wish for myself.
Naive? Perhaps in our time and day but I'd rather leave this earth with thought that I was in no way selfish in sincerely wishing the same level of joy as I would wish for myself. 
The reason I'm pouring my heart out about this topic is because I have discovered a certain aspect of my personality that I need not be too open with. And that is open kindness. Many will mistaken it as an excuse to belittle you when there is so much fascinating angles to your individuality but sadly shallow people will mistaken it or you for a simpleton who has no depth (and I believe everyone has a depth of an ocean in them).
Sad really, how we learn to be more cautious, and distant ourselves from such negativity only to be accused of arrogance or other unkind characteristics when it's merely a direct message that you choose to openly show your value and that you will not allow anyone to treat you or give you anything that is less than what you deserve and most certainly less than what they'd wish for themselves. 

It's not anger but rather than disappointment that when you enforce your sense respect and self worth you are not welcomed. However I choose to embrace my inner intellectual and dignified nature over superficial  insincerity.

There! I feel much better after shaking off the negative thoughts from my hair. Time for tea and youtube clips of my favourite show Wendy Williams : )




Monday, July 1, 2013


It's something I've been going through lately...and I'm happy that I am.
It's pushing me to venture into territories I never thought I'd be confident enough to venture to. 
Anyway need to get ready to meet up with my beloved partner in crime Nouf A to do some exploring on my project inshAllah. Honestly I'm blessed to have known her for 20 years and only saw the beauty of this sisterhood recently : )

Will write soon and finally more often than before now that I downloaded the blogger as an application on my ipad!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Truly me

When people tell me what i'm eating is fattening:


Random thoughts

Nothing specific today. Just random thoughts that plagued my mind as I drove back from the gym and found myself home alone. Here we go.

  • If you don't think highly of yourself no one will. andwhatever you do in life, do it true.
  • Sometimes you need to get your s**t together to make it during rough just need to act like a lady (when you really want to act like a hoodlum thug and stomp on some ugly mugs *sigh* positive thoughts Noora, positive thoughts..roses..roses..pretty roses..there, better)
  • I want to go to paris and walk in the small empty narrow streets. (Not the Champs Elysee...too touristy for my taste, lovely, but not my favourite street)
  • I think I'm an eye poet..similar to a poet but instead of saying beautiful words I show beautiful images, I'm not saying I'm a photographer but I can humbly say that I share beautiful hard to find images on my blog and instagram : )
  • I always thought there's a sunlight in every person...till I met a few people who proved me wrong, I mean these people made the eclipse in that stupid foofoo lala vampire movie look bright. I mean i'm talking pitch black darkness in these people... I MEAN I can see some kindness in Terminator from the first Terminator One where he was the evil machine coming to kill Sarah Connor and my God how did I remember her name... *goosebumps* . How do people go from day to day with such hatred and cruelty?
  • Need to read Think like a Man and like a Lady cause many people are telling me that Steve Harvey's sense of humour is one that I will enjoy as I've been whinning about not being able to force myself to hold a book (is this a phase that people go through after studying and working excessively for a long period of time?)
Mind went blank and lighter...mission accomplished.



Friday, January 4, 2013


My love for roses runs deep. Though for a long time I always show distaste in anything that is romantic I confess i am absolutely a hopeless romantic towards roses.
I thank God for creating these fragile beauties that have thorns to protect itself....sort of like us ladies who require to show an assertive exterior to protect ourselves from the monstrosity and deceit of reality.

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”
― Anne Brontë


Thursday, January 3, 2013


That is the expression I give. Spot on!

New Year Resolutions

Though three days have passed I've finally managed to pull myself together and actually write on my blog...I think with twitter, facebook and now instagram I have spread myself thin and lost track of writing down on my thoughts here.

2012 has been an interestingly challenging year for me mentally and physically both negatively and positively. The highlights of it is getting my masters. never thought i'd ever get this done but elhumdellah i'm humbled and happy to have completed it and in a field that i love (Diplomacy and Internationa Affairs)...I hope I'll enhance myself intellectually in that field in the near future inshAllah.  Another is realising more than ever that family is everything...people come and go, everything comes and go but family remains true and i'm grateful i've realised it more than ever.

The not so highlights of this year is struggling to accept some of my imperfect traits and fixing it (trust me, admitting it is one thing but fixing it is a whole different game!). Also discovering true colours of many people (some who became close friends while others were individuals who didn't have the best intention at heart).

I truly hope that 2013 will wait i rephrase that. With what I have experienced and learned from 2012 I have to utilize it for 2013 now that the hard tests made me wiser and calmer. I'm pleased to say that I have reached a calm stage in my life and that hardships dont shake me up like it used to, no i am not saying that i morphed into robocop (robocop?...God that's old lol!)  but I think more...and more....and think..then i say quielty to myself elhumdellah 3ala kel 7al. I assure you it took me so long to reach this stage but it was worth it.

Forgive me if this post does not reflect the best of my penmanship but Russel Crowe's Gladiator is on and my attention to my post is quickly deteriorating lol.

Here's to a start full of positivity success and happiness to all of you and your loved ones.