Saturday, July 6, 2013

Love for your brother what you love for yourself "احب لاخيك ما تحب لنفسك"


An evening thought that has been swirling in my mind. I may not be confident nor sure and most probably not the epitome of saintly perfection, but I most certainly wish the best for others as equally possible as I wish for myself.
Naive? Perhaps in our time and day but I'd rather leave this earth with thought that I was in no way selfish in sincerely wishing the same level of joy as I would wish for myself. 
The reason I'm pouring my heart out about this topic is because I have discovered a certain aspect of my personality that I need not be too open with. And that is open kindness. Many will mistaken it as an excuse to belittle you when there is so much fascinating angles to your individuality but sadly shallow people will mistaken it or you for a simpleton who has no depth (and I believe everyone has a depth of an ocean in them).
Sad really, how we learn to be more cautious, and distant ourselves from such negativity only to be accused of arrogance or other unkind characteristics when it's merely a direct message that you choose to openly show your value and that you will not allow anyone to treat you or give you anything that is less than what you deserve and most certainly less than what they'd wish for themselves. 

It's not anger but rather than disappointment that when you enforce your sense respect and self worth you are not welcomed. However I choose to embrace my inner intellectual and dignified nature over superficial  insincerity.

There! I feel much better after shaking off the negative thoughts from my hair. Time for tea and youtube clips of my favourite show Wendy Williams : )




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