Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sweet Saturday

Random photos that I felt like sharing for no apparent reason other than I liked the way they looked and how they made me smile : )

Sweet Saturday

Final 2011 evening thought

Before 2011 comes to an end and forever fold its chapter I wished to share a few thoughts that I sincerely believe represents where I stand right now in my life. I have found success, I have found wonderful friends, I have found sorrow, I have found friends who betrayed me and my family, I have found salvation, but most important of them all. I have found myself. I feel as though I have reached a point where I have made peace with myself before God and my family. Elhumdellah I feel i'm in a better place in my life. Not exactly there yet but now I'll learn to enjoy rather than survive.

Friends, here are some of my final thoughts that I would like to share with you, some are quoted and some are mine:

-Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that by hating someone we hurt them. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do to others, we also do to ourselves. Mitch Albom

-The only obstacle that stands before us to acheive our dreams is the fear of failure

-It is easier to live through someone else than to complete yourself. The freedom to lead and plan your own life is frightening if you have never faced it before. Betty Friedan

- Reading gives us a place to go when we have to stay where we are.

-Appreciate the remaining day of 2011 because you'll never know how much you'll miss it this time around next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Resolution

Hello everyone hope you are doing great inshAllah. Just wanted to share with you some of my New Year's resolution that I wrote down on my blackberry at almost 2 in the morning today : ). I apologize in advance that it wasn't coherently written but I didn't wish to edit it because a year from now I'd like to come back to this post to read and look at my style of writing and thinking to see how much I have changed. Because I took a look at my last year's resolution and elhumdellah I'm proud to say that I have changed for the better : )

Anyway here is what I wrote, I wonder if there's someone who would agree with me in some ofthese points...The difference in this year's resolution is that it's not whimsical resolutions that I came up with, but resolutions that have been dictated by all the things I went through (especially in the last few months):

To be closer to God more than ever, to be patient and more understanding on the path that God has written for me and be as humble as humanly possible. To not allow my career and position take me away from my family and to sacrifice for them. To stop sacrificing for 'friends' no matter how close they are but remain to be noble instead and never fear seniority if I know that there is something wrong or corrupt. To be as fierce as a lion and cunning as a fox. To be in control of my thoughts and emotions whenever I can. To listen hard and digest longer all that is around me, to be aware. To be less nicer to strangers, best to show that u r good but never someone to mess around with.

Some might view this as a bit deep and dark but to be honest I felt much better after writing it cause I know it is on my mind,


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Evening thought

من هو عبد الرحمن السميط

عبد الرحمن بن حمود السميط (15 أكتوبر 1947 م -) داعية كويتي ومؤسس جمعية العون المباشر - لجنة مسلمي أفريقيا سابقاً - ورئيس مجلس إدارتها, ورئيس مجلس البحوث والدراسات الإسلامية. ولد في الكويت عام 1947م. أسلم على يديه أكثر من 11 مليون شخص في إفريقيا  بعد أن قضى أكثر من 29 سنه ينشر الإسلام في القارة السمراء . قبل أن يصبح ناشطاً في العمل الخيري، كان طبيبا متخصصا في الأمراض الباطنية والجهاز الهضمي. تخرج من جامعة بغداد بعد أن حصل على بكالوريوس الطب والجراحة, ثم حصل على دبلوم أمراض مناطق حارة من جامعة ليفربول عام 1974م، واستكمل دراساته العليا في جامعة ماكجل الكندية متخصصًا في الأمراض الباطنية والجهاز الهضمي.]
نال السميط عددا من الأوسمة والجوائز والدروع والشهادات التقديرية، مكافأة له على جهوده في الأعمال الخيرية، ومن أرفع هذه الجوائز جائزة الملك فيصل العالمية لخدمة الإسلام، والتي تبرع بمكافأتها (750 ألف ريال سعودي) لتكون نواة للوقف التعليمي لأبناء أفريقيا، ومن عائد هذا الوقف تلقت أعداد كبيرة من أبناء أفريقيا تعليمها في الجامعات المختلفة. تعرض في أفريقيا للاغتيال مرات عديدة من قبل المليشيات المسلحة بسبب حضوره الطاغي في أوساط الفقراء والمحتاجين، كما حاصرته أفعى الكوبرا في موزمبيق وكينيا وملاوي غير مرة لكن الله نجاه. بالإضافة إلى لسع البعوض في تلك القرى وشح الماء وانقطاع الكهرباء. وتعرض في حياته لمحن السجون وكان أقساها أسره على يد البعثيين.
قضى ربع قرن فى افريقيا وكان ياتى للكويت فقط للزيارة أو العلاج, كانت سلسلة رحلاته في أدغال أفريقيا وأهوال التنقل في غاباتها تعد نوعاً من الأعمال الاستشهادية بتعريض نفسه للخطر لأجل أن يحمل السلام والغوث لأفريقيا بيد فيها رغيف ويد فيها مصباح نور وكتاب, وسلاحه المادي جسده المثخن بالضغط والسكر والجلطات وأما سلاحه الإيماني الذي حسم معارك السميط في سبيل الله والمستضعفين فآيات استقرت في قلبه. ما زال السميط يعمل في الدعوة رغم أنه شيخ كبير ظهر بياض شعره وصعوبة حركته وتثاقل أقدامه فضلاً عن إصابته بالسكر وبه آلام في قدمه وظهره.

المصدر: ويكيبيديا

Time Management

At this rate I honestly need an intense (not those foofoo 2 days here's your certificate courses) mind numbing course on time management to balance my life, University and demanding office work....Oh well, Elhumdellah

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Artistic Arabia

Stumbled upon these artistically stunning Arabic photography that I wanted to share with you all : )
Makes me want to try wearing the traditional abaya (the one on the head). So feminine and beautiful...Might consider to go old school with this style! InshAllah you find it as lovely as I did


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Evening Thought

It is sometimes the only thing that keeps us's so small and fragile but yet so remarkebly powerful. And sometimes (well many times when you least expect it) it overcomes the sorrow,  the emptiness and the darkness that threatens to consume you. Just have faith in Allah and you'll be fine : )

Good night


Beautiful Emarati, Kuwaiti & Saudi wedding stages

And I repeat. I would personally like a cozy celebration at home when God plans for me to get married. But these beautiful opulent wedding stages were worth sharing : ) Enjoy my friends.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abu Dhabi

Evening my friends I hope you are all doing great inshAllah. My apologies for not writing in a while and resorting to posting random thoughts. It's been a very busy month for me. Got back last week from a business trip from Paris (was lovely to have my mom with me elhumdellah) and a few days ago (Monday) I went for the first time ever to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed's Majles to listen to an excellent lecture on Water Crisis by Dr. Peter H. Gleick who's the co-founder and president of the Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security (the photo I posted is when the Crown Prince od Abu Dhabi highlighted on the fact that Dr. Peter has made that water is more important than oil).
I want to share with you all the experience of what was it like to go there for the first time and what has it inspired in me...unfortunately I just arrived from university (from AD) and I am absolutely exhausted! I'll writing more about it tomorrow inshAllah. Was excited so wanted to write a bit about it to be honest : ). Have a lovely evening.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Onward and Upward

Reached a position where I have to stronger than I ever was. Have more faith in Allah than I ever did. More than ever I have discovered people who care nothing for me and are waiting to see me fall. Even those (it's probably human nature) who are on my blackberry list would analyse a sad display pic I'd post as an image and would come up with several theories. Especially that most of them have very little to no regards to my well being. No. I cannot delete the majority. We humans are social by nature and I welcome them as they remind me to stay alert and strong.
I also thank these people who hurt me because they made me smarter, stronger, cautious and most importantly closer to my mother. I'm starting to trust so many people and gravitate towards my mother. Friends, let it be a fact. Most probably no one will love you as much as your mother ever will.
In addition I won't be as 'overly friendly' as I used to be, but I will remain as helpful as I always have been though this time without being shocked that the person that I might help hurt me one day and overlook the fact that I helped them one day.
Last but not least I tell these people who are waiting to see me fall to kindly not hold their breath. I will work my way up at a slow and steady pace with confidence, humility and a blind faith in Allah.

Rest assured friends, this is not a post to proclaim that I have lost faith in mankind. I will never do that. Just felt like clearing my mind from negativity the way a person clears their throat (alright not the most ladylike comparison and wanted to emphasize on how releiving it is to clear out the mental 'germs). Have a lovely evening everyone. I'm off to a business trip for about 2 days and will try to drop a post should I have the time inshAllah : )


Sunday, December 4, 2011

The power of a prayer


After years of searching for the ideal floral boutique that can meet my picky (and might I add refined) taste in flowers I have found it! A lovely floral boutique in Abu Dhabi that's prettily named PETALS Flowers & Events has the most beautiful floral selections and heart throbbing floral arrangements I have ever seen. And don't get me started on the selection of colours. My God they've got impeccable taste in selecting the right colours for a bouquet or floral arrangement! My love for flowers have been restored by them. For the latest viewing of their swoon worthy creations follow them on twitter @Petalsfe (they will launch their website very soon inshAllah as they were revamping it)

I'll leave you with these beautiful images for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, December 2, 2011


"I’m proud of the scars in my soul. They remind me that I have an intense life"—Paulo Coelho

Monday, November 28, 2011


My finest tweets : ) looking through my old tweets I just wanted to compile the ones that brought a smile to my face, amused me or even made me wonder 'where in my brains do I come up with such logic'!?

- #GrowingUp I would cry in theatrical despair when my mother forced me 2 wear crazy printed Versace shirt. Amazing how ppl race for it in H&M

- A person who hurts others to get superficial rewards for contributions r like a pretty cake that's missing an important ingredient. Sugar

- ليست الألقاب هي التي تكسب المجد بل الناس من يكسبون الألقاب مجدا ‎

- I admire those people who have a gift to see beautiful things in humble places

- If u are cold, tea will warm u; if u are too heated, it will cool u; if u are depressed, it will cheer u; if u are excited, it will calm u

- You've got to dream like you've never seen obstacles.

- Second shots doesn't always mean a happy ending. Sometimes, it's just another shot to end things right

- When you’re reading a book, & something absolutely amazing happens, & you need to take a breather to let the information sink

- Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on

- Be soft. Don't let the world make you hard. Don't let the pain make you hate and never let bitterness steal your sweetness.

- Life will kick u around. But sooner or later, u realize ur not just a survivor ur a warrior & u r stronger than anything life throws ur way

- The only white substance I abuse is sugar. Need to tame my sweet tooth

- لك صديق تثق به .. ولصديقك صديق يثق به .. ولصديقه صديق يثق به .. فاحتفظ بأسرارك لنفسك

- القبعه التي يرتديها الخريجين من الجامعات ابتكرها العرب المسلمين في الاندلس لوضع فوقها المصحف لكي يطبق قول الله (فوق كل ذي علم عليم)

- كلما زادت درجه تحمل الانسان لمسؤلية حياته في الماضي والحاضر زادت درجه تحكمه في تحقيق أحلام مستقبله

- Planning to avoid a meeting at 2 so i can have my lunch on my desk...I think I just traded my work ethics for a Starbucks Chicken Fajitta

- Me: mall is too crowded there's too many people. My 'friend': yes. We need a new plague. Me: What is wrong with you!?

- You can't always wait for the 'perfect time'. Sometimes you must dare yourself to take that jump and always keep faith in God

- Never have an excuse not to go to the gym. Because there will always be someone who is busier than you running on a treadmill

- You are not 'kind' in my book if you do not speak properly to a waiter. They are not inferior to you and you are in no way superior to them

- The creative adult is the child who survived

More to come inshAllah