Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Resolution

Hello everyone hope you are doing great inshAllah. Just wanted to share with you some of my New Year's resolution that I wrote down on my blackberry at almost 2 in the morning today : ). I apologize in advance that it wasn't coherently written but I didn't wish to edit it because a year from now I'd like to come back to this post to read and look at my style of writing and thinking to see how much I have changed. Because I took a look at my last year's resolution and elhumdellah I'm proud to say that I have changed for the better : )

Anyway here is what I wrote, I wonder if there's someone who would agree with me in some ofthese points...The difference in this year's resolution is that it's not whimsical resolutions that I came up with, but resolutions that have been dictated by all the things I went through (especially in the last few months):

To be closer to God more than ever, to be patient and more understanding on the path that God has written for me and be as humble as humanly possible. To not allow my career and position take me away from my family and to sacrifice for them. To stop sacrificing for 'friends' no matter how close they are but remain to be noble instead and never fear seniority if I know that there is something wrong or corrupt. To be as fierce as a lion and cunning as a fox. To be in control of my thoughts and emotions whenever I can. To listen hard and digest longer all that is around me, to be aware. To be less nicer to strangers, best to show that u r good but never someone to mess around with.

Some might view this as a bit deep and dark but to be honest I felt much better after writing it cause I know it is on my mind,


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