Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Onward and Upward

Reached a position where I have to stronger than I ever was. Have more faith in Allah than I ever did. More than ever I have discovered people who care nothing for me and are waiting to see me fall. Even those (it's probably human nature) who are on my blackberry list would analyse a sad display pic I'd post as an image and would come up with several theories. Especially that most of them have very little to no regards to my well being. No. I cannot delete the majority. We humans are social by nature and I welcome them as they remind me to stay alert and strong.
I also thank these people who hurt me because they made me smarter, stronger, cautious and most importantly closer to my mother. I'm starting to trust so many people and gravitate towards my mother. Friends, let it be a fact. Most probably no one will love you as much as your mother ever will.
In addition I won't be as 'overly friendly' as I used to be, but I will remain as helpful as I always have been though this time without being shocked that the person that I might help hurt me one day and overlook the fact that I helped them one day.
Last but not least I tell these people who are waiting to see me fall to kindly not hold their breath. I will work my way up at a slow and steady pace with confidence, humility and a blind faith in Allah.

Rest assured friends, this is not a post to proclaim that I have lost faith in mankind. I will never do that. Just felt like clearing my mind from negativity the way a person clears their throat (alright not the most ladylike comparison and wanted to emphasize on how releiving it is to clear out the mental 'germs). Have a lovely evening everyone. I'm off to a business trip for about 2 days and will try to drop a post should I have the time inshAllah : )


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