Monday, January 7, 2013

Random thoughts

Nothing specific today. Just random thoughts that plagued my mind as I drove back from the gym and found myself home alone. Here we go.

  • If you don't think highly of yourself no one will. andwhatever you do in life, do it true.
  • Sometimes you need to get your s**t together to make it during rough just need to act like a lady (when you really want to act like a hoodlum thug and stomp on some ugly mugs *sigh* positive thoughts Noora, positive thoughts..roses..roses..pretty roses..there, better)
  • I want to go to paris and walk in the small empty narrow streets. (Not the Champs Elysee...too touristy for my taste, lovely, but not my favourite street)
  • I think I'm an eye poet..similar to a poet but instead of saying beautiful words I show beautiful images, I'm not saying I'm a photographer but I can humbly say that I share beautiful hard to find images on my blog and instagram : )
  • I always thought there's a sunlight in every person...till I met a few people who proved me wrong, I mean these people made the eclipse in that stupid foofoo lala vampire movie look bright. I mean i'm talking pitch black darkness in these people... I MEAN I can see some kindness in Terminator from the first Terminator One where he was the evil machine coming to kill Sarah Connor and my God how did I remember her name... *goosebumps* . How do people go from day to day with such hatred and cruelty?
  • Need to read Think like a Man and like a Lady cause many people are telling me that Steve Harvey's sense of humour is one that I will enjoy as I've been whinning about not being able to force myself to hold a book (is this a phase that people go through after studying and working excessively for a long period of time?)
Mind went blank and lighter...mission accomplished.



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  1. "If you don't think highly of yourself no one will." That's true.

    And yes, you do need to read 'Act like a lady, think like a man'