Monday, November 14, 2011


I won't commence with a rhetorical question because somehow I have recognized what it means to have courage.

- It's to make the first move to make peace with those who hurt you, especially when you've been betrayed.

- It's to speak up before senior officials on the things that are not right

- It's to recognise your weakness no matter how painful it is

- It's to stand tall and proud before cruel people who try to belittle you every chance they get

- It's to stop yourself from doing something that you know in your soul is wrong

- It's to contain the pain within youself and not be too expressive about it but lend an ear to those who need to speak

- It's to maintain dignity and calmness when you really want to express your anger at injustice

- It is to never stop hoping and acheiving even if you fail

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