Sunday, February 26, 2012


Not exactly relevent to the post but loved the photo!

Afternoon dear friends, my apologies for not posting much as I've been executing many decisions that have been swirling in my mind. in Job (place was sadly poisening my intellect with the gossip and slow productivity) university (doing very well elhumdellah and considering to persue more higher education in the future inshAllah!), family (so much better than before elhumdellah that i'm happy with the increased family time i'm having).
Anyway will be posting more often but right now need to set a plan for the gym and for my Zayed University Alumnae Board : ) Will keep you all posted, especially on the Move For World Cancer Walkathin that's taking place on March16th in Dubai. If you'd like some information to participate on this evewnt let me know!


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