Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A sudden memory flash: My Dr. Martins

The look exactly like the ones i had! Perhaps I ought to buy them online...

Sub7anAllah, the brain is an amazing thing! As I was going through through certain blogs, actively avoiding the fashionista ones as they rarely provoke my inspiration, I saw a particular photo of an old vintage Dr. Martin that is very similar to the ones I had and wore in high school. I bought it in Germany, Hannover in an old shoe store and my mom encouraged me to go for it (mashAllah I just realized how cool my mom is and way ahead of her time Allah y7afeth'ha, makes me love her and appreciate it more as I grow older everyday I wish I appreciated her more when I was a teenager).
Unfortunatly I was a chubby awkward kid with painfully low self-esteem and when I wore it in high school the mean girls (who i thought were cool) wouldn't stop laughing and pointing at them and mocking...I'm not too pleased to say that I remember the stabbing sounds of their mocking laughter. It made me feel so hurt and angry that the next day I took those shoes and threw them in the Art Club storage room in school. Can't believe I did that. I realized now that I was very unique even back then but smothered it just to get these girl's approval and I wouldn't be laughed at...*smiles to herself* Sub7anAllah, I'm slightly amused at myself for remembering this incedent but also remembered that it taught me one of the best lessons that I added to my characteristics today: Never to mock anybody's individuality and never be judgemental, for who am I to judge?? All I want to do is focus on being a better person for myself, my family, friends and most importantly for Allah.

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  1. me hate u 4 throwing them away... they r so cooooool...

    And the anonymous is
    Raja Al Jodar :P