Saturday, June 4, 2011

Zayed University Alumnae Dinner Gala

For the past month I've been running around like the mother of the Groom (or bride depending on your culture). I've been insanely busy preparing this event with a passion that it will launch a strong Alumnae Board and bring back some old graduates to have a memorable time...and with a few days left to June 9 I truly understand the concept of the silence before the storm. *sigh* hope everything runs smooth I'm just glad that there are some dedicated Alumnae helping me out on this.
I just wish I didn't agree to have the event on my birthday : (...not to be cynical but i'l realistic that there's barely anyone who would make the effort to do something for my birthday as I would for many of my friends. oh well. InshAllah khair.
I'm not down btw just want to release some of the stress that's overwhelming me so I can move on and focus on this HUGE event, as well as my quiz which is a day before the event. Wish me luck!

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