Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Secrecy

كل ما كان بالكتمان يكون فيه توفيق
(هذي وصيه من الرسول (أقضو حاجاتكم بالكتمان

The meaning of it is finalize major (which are personal) issues and projects in secrecy. Do not go yapping about it to everyone you meet or to so many people. That’s something that I certainly know is very true in our Middle Eastern culture. It's best to work on things quietly, be they private businesses, marriage proposals, plans for higher education and just about anything that might have a positively profound effect on your life.

I suppose it's because the UAE is a small community and everybody knows everybody that encourages people to talk about one another. I don't claim I'm a saint and I do feel a twinge of guilt when I engage in a few gossiping, I’m honestly working on curbing it big time as I feel it's the scourge of society and it does more harm than good.  Not to mention, we believe in something called 'the evil eye' which makes us more cautious in who speak to of any good fortune that is bestowed upon us.
I swear to God I seriously need to apply more  (أقضو حاجاتكم بالكتمان) to myself!!

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