Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greatest Beauty: A woman's Confidence

The minute we have a family wedding coming up, we instantly think of all the brands we 'ought to' be wearing for the wedding inorder to look (and feel) like a million dirhams...There IS some truth there as weddings don't happen often but I passionatly believe in what my mother and aunt always taught me...'Noora if a woman carries herself in a glamorously confident and regal manner, she can wear just about anything and everyone will think it's a designer wear'. Not to mention my dear friend Reem B stressed on how confidence is key to a woman's beauty, and mashAllah she's a beautiful lady but with the confidence that she blossomed within'd think she stepped of a beauty pageant stage mashAllah.
So Brides and ladies...It's ALWAYS about confidence. Yes you can wear eye-blinding diamonds, climb on the highest Louboutain you can get your hands on, wear a jaw-dropping Zuhair Murad master peice of a gown, but if you don't have the confidence and a sincere smile to carry it off...then you're better off staying home and watching the Fashion Channel to learn how to strut like a real woman! *snap*

Strike a feirce pose, smile, and ye shall be swoon worthy!