Saturday, November 21, 2009


Salam Everyone!

My name is Noora and I'm a native Emarati living in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. I decided to start the blog 'Beauty from the top of a chandelier' to celebrate all that is beautiful, whimsical and dreamy.

So long have I been hiding this love for all that is romantic because I was so engrossed into being this cold, career-driven lady in a cut-throat corporate organization. But with a new job which is dedicated to saving eople's lives and applying for a masters' degree and (InshAllah) starting a new small business that I will launch and post about in 3 months I feel that God has Given me another, more beautiful path, to begin with.

SO! I will be posting ALOT of images that (I think) inspires beauty and make people smile. I hope you'll be visiting and be inspired as much as I'll enjoy posting every week.


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