Monday, May 24, 2010

Where to venture this summer..

June is coming close (even though i might travel in July) and I still can't figure out where to travel. Even though many recommended Europe my heart is set on New York & Italy. I truly want to go there! Last time I went there I loved it!
Early morning jogs and picnics with the family in Central Park, Evening walks in Times square, the museums, Harlem, Soho. I especially enjoyed my solo strolls in the city, reading in old jewish bookstores and shopping like crazy in Victoria Secret.
It's impossible to go there and not be inspired and blown away! Plus it's way cheaper than Europe.
My second option is Italy (it would probably be the first place I'd go to). Specifically Florence and como. Been to these places before and I loved them. Love the food, love the shopping....the men are not too shabby either ;)
InshAllah by June will make a decision.

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