Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In my own world

For the past week or so been,well, in my own world. Been enjoying working on my wedding blog consultancy and doing it during work...You know you're doesn't satisfy you anymore when you'd rather be doing something else.
Been in my company for more than a year and to till this very day I can't seem to find the 'chemistry' between me and the place. Don't get me wrong some people here are charming but I can't bring myself to interact with them as we are so different.
An interesting thing a good friend of mine said and that was 'Noora, you haven't found what you truly love doing, you're still looking'. He was so right. He hit the nail on the head with that one. Nevertheless I feel like I found it but it's still a working progress. InshAllah things go well. I reached a stage in my life where I've had enough of doing what 'seems to be ideal to others' and do what i passionatly enjoy...Don't want to jinx it so i'll write about it till the ball starts rolling. Wish me luck. : )

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