Monday, March 14, 2011

Prayers for Japan

My heart aches to the environmental tragic that has occured to the people of Japan and my prayer goes out to them and all the people on this globe who are suffering, be it of a natural disaster or a man made one.
But through this tragedy I am so impressed with the ordered discipline of this nation and how they dealing with this disaster. Truly if it were (God Forbid) another country they might have not handled as well as Japan.

With everything happening all over the world (tsunamis, revolutions etc..) I am becoming more and more grateful for every little thing that I have been given. A home, family, my health, job security...elhumdellah there are even more things that I should be grateful for that i'm probably not aware of!
And with this gratitude I'm learning to be more giving than I ever was. I think we all should, especially in the UAE...

This image greatly moved me

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