Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer destination: New York

Elhumdellah just reached NYC a few hours ago and exhausted (thankfully not jetlagged even though it was a 14hour direct flight from Dubai) but determined inshAlllah to use every minute of my vacation to do the following:

- Less Wardrobe shopping (that's right you heard me lol). The way I figured it is I wear an abaya most of the time so no point of putting so much money there....unless it's truly truly a key peice : P

- Jogging in the park every morning (no matter how challenging it is to wake up)

-Most importantly, make up all the time I didn't spend with my beloved family (due to the accumilating stress of work, school, and alumnae board)

-Spend endless hours in the bookstore (need to bring back the bookworm in me!)

-Buy a sex pair of shoes (a mary jane to be precise)

-Pile up on my Victoria Secret shopping!

-Taste them yummy cupcakes in Soho (yes I'm aware it's contradicting the second point but they're very small!)

-Buy a Betsey Johnsen dress (can't explain this point but i'm itching to buy one)

-Absorb the amazing energy NYC has to offer

-Go to the famous flower street in the early morning (I must!)

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