Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random Thoughts of mine

Hello my friends,

It's 11:06 pm and I just felt like jotting down some thoughts that were in that crazy place I call my mind. Just got back from Abu Dhabi (have an evening class there) and I feel slightly tired...I won't exaggerate and say exhausted as I'm really not.

Anyways my random thoughts before I end this night, close my eyelids and escape in my dreams...

1- Always think highly of yourself: If you don't nobody will. If someone does not value you as the lovely individual that you are then they are not worthy nor do they realize the honour bestowed upon them for even knowing you ; )

2-  Start each day like it's your Birthday! Celebrate the individuality that distinguished you from others. Be aware of your body, your mind and just you. You're chubby? Embrace it.  You're single? Celebrate it. You're sitting alone in an event? sit up straight with a gentle smile on your face and eyes and be proud that you were confident enough to be attending solo.

3- If someone accuses you of making a mess our of something, tell them you're making memories...ok I made that one up but there's wisdom to it when you think about it.

4- Try try try, and I repeat it three times, to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had. example: loved ones....though he passed away when I was very young i still get teary when I remember my grandfather after about 13 years since he passed away. Another less sad example (depending on how you see it reall) is your youth. Embrace it, enjoy it, be less critical of it before time and gravity pull it down.

5- Give a compliment...And i'm not talking about those superficial 'love your hair' or 'you lost weight' compliments. here's a nice one 'Seeing you happy makes me happy'.

6- Know for a fact that God did not put you on this planet to be an empty shell. There's something so special and wonderful about you and the sooner you discover and unravel it the sooner you'll be amazed with the wonders that you are capable of in a positive way.

7- The pains and hardships that we endure in our lives aren't meant to render us bitter creatures, but better ones. So be proud of that because it's hardships that will bring out the best in you if you choose it to be that way.

8- Have a large mug of tea...nothing more soothing than lying on a couch with a hot mug of your favourite tea

8- Walk barefoot by the shore, sink your bare feet in the sand...even if you're living in the desert give it a try. I promise you it has this astounding effect to calm any over stressed or sad individual

9-  Breath as often as you can through your nose, inhale deeply and exhale deeply everyday. I promise you when you think about it we don't do that as often as we ought to cause we are too busy talking and breathing at the same time (Women are guilty in that lol!)

I'm so glad I wrote down these thoughts before going to bed elhumdellah! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing it. I dedicate it to my lovely friend Nouf A. who's been nothing less than a remarkable friend Gnight : )

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