Sunday, September 11, 2011


I confess Ive slowed down greatly on posting here ...and this time I don't think I have a proper excuse for it except being mentally lazy...So I decided to snap out of it and update you all on what have I been up to : )
Been going through alot of mental 'upgrades' if you will and amongst them were the following:

Getting back to reading books (and I'm not talking about them foofoo ones. I'm talking intellectually deep book...the kind that inspires you to to view a certain perspective of your life clearly once you're done reading them)

Cooking. Not those simple desserts. I'm talking rice and seafood with my mom elhumdellah ; )

Getting closer to my older brother...I think that when he got married we started appreciating one another more which is making me so happy elhumdellah  <3

New job. And it's far more fast paced which I'm not complaining so I better pick up speed and re awaken the innovative side on my brains!

Alumnae board with new objectives: Getting ready to crack a whip on some sleeping members of the board and to move full steam ahead inshAllah with initiatives to serve the UAE community.

FNC (UAE's Parlimant) . Been so busy debating about it with friends (be it face to face or on blackberry). I'm just frustrated at how the community here doesn't seem to appreciate the Federal National Council as a foundation built by the founding fathers  Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid (may they rest in peace) , worst of all the majority that takes pleasure in critisizing it haven't bothered educating themselves about it (they seem to be like a herd of sheep just folllowing the majority with researching, thinking THEN forming an opinion) know what I'll have a special post for this tomorrow inshAllah! got so much to say about it.

Anyways need to go tobed as tomorrow I have work. But I promise inshAllah I will be posting more posts. From thoughts, to inspiring images, to plain pretty and girly images, and to the hilarious ones ; ).




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