Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Midnight Thoughts

Recently woke up and can't bring myself to sleep again...God help me and tomorrow i've got work along with a trip to AD as my masters are starting again after a long break.
So I decided to spew some thoughts on my blog.
I'm disappointed. With how a majority of people function and behave in the society (not all but a great majority). They lack depth and seem to have this impenetrable wall of ignorance around them. I'm fully aware this is nothing new but bare with me as i'll rant about this from time to time.
Living a life of shallow  and opulent style seems to be the race everybody wants to run in. And the selfishness...My God the selfishness is growing like a tumour within many people! Not to mention the love of critisim. Rarely do we see people in this society (Emaratis and non Emaratis) sincerely showing support to one another....even though some people do require a good verbal bash as a reality check to prevent them from doing something stupid, some, not all.
And what saddens me the most is people will befriend you if you have a good family name. While this is very common in our society and I've come to accept it it has taken an ugly turn. People try to know 'big' people for the sake of saying that they know them or better yet have them on their blackberry list (they seem to be collecting them like pokemon cards might I add) even if they have NOTHING in common with you (they like your name too much to let you go) they still choose to be in touch with you.
Since that is the thing that annoyes me the most I made a bold move. I decided to remove close to a 100 people of my blackberry messenger and opted to use sms or a phone call (back to basics my friends) and told myself 'if these people are as thoughtful as their flowery words on bbm they'll occasionally text me or give me a call right?'. It was amongst the best decision I have ever made.
I'm not declaring war on society, but merely venting out as i am blown away by the sensational intellect of the majority of these people...and by sensational I mean stupid. For they mock and 'critique' issues they have no clue of. An example was the Federal National Council in the UAE. The jokes wouldn't stop and the ruthless critisism kept coming and I wondered 'have you even bothered to read about the FNC's history and followed up on their progress to even give an opinion?'
So I leave you with this wishlist that I wish is more common here (and I promise I will work on it myself as I am  firm believer in practising what I preach)

1. FRIGGIN Read a book (an intellectual one not a historical romance...unless you wish to refine your vocabulary)
2. Listen MORE talk LESS
3. TRY just TRY to speak less about people (and even if people will mistaken you for a boring individual, God and very few good people will see you as a noble soul)
4. Be thoughtful, it does wonders on how people view you
5. Be Alert, if you're a previlaged individual be alert on why some people try so hard to befriend you
6. Being too nice=stupid. In this time and day being too nice is stupid. You need to be sharp and wise. I'm not saying be cruel but know when and to whom you show kindness and when and to whom you show formal civility
7. NEVER flaunt what you have, it ignites dreadful jelousy (which is your fault due to your carelessness of people's feelings) be humble, even if your previlaged, be very smart and humble.

Anyways my dear friends I apologise for the nature of this post and the unorganized flow of thoughts but elhumdellah I feel immensely better : ) . Have a lovely day.



  1. "I'm not declaring war on society, but merely venting out as i am blown away by the sensational intellect of the majority of these people...and by sensational I mean stupid."

    Couldn't say it better Noora, I have a very short list of friends from here, and to be honest I'm sick of referring my self as a loner or a social retard just because I can't cope with people around me. I guess people here lack ambition and got lazy because of all of the fortunes that this country continues to give.

    Good luck

  2. ^__^ المهم انكِ شعرت براحة وهذا من أكبر اهداف التدوين

    آسف إن علقت باللغة العربية مع ان التدوينة كتبت بالانجيلزية >_<