Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stuck in the sand with the waves at my feet

Morning friends,

Sincerely apologise for not writing much for more than a week. Got overwhelmed with work and school but elhumdellah getting back on track : )
Decided to start taking walks (the fast ones not the lazy mall walks) in Mimzar beach here in Dubai. Taking these daily evening walks by the beach was certainly one of the best descisions I have made starting my 2012 and far more enjoyable than the gym.
Can't write much right now as my mind is full (I usually think that if my mind is full it blocks the trail of thoughts that flows to the tips of my fingers to be released in the movement of my fingers as I type...but that's just how I see it)
Therefore I will leave you with some relaxing images and will type some more soon inshAllah.
Have a great day my freinds.

Kind Regards,


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