Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where is the Respect

Something that a majority in this country have lost...especially in the work field. As I sit and observe many I find it sad how many men and women have this vindictive attitude to readily take down one another just to rise fast to the top not realising that they will crash faster because someone else might be more vicious in taking them down (hence the ugly cycle), I honestly question the patriotism of many who seek a title and more money and give very little care and love to the country.
When will they learn?! Money and glory never lasts. they can be rich and famous but after many years they will be forgotten. Only good people are remembered even when they are no longer amongst us.
I'm just so disappointed that people do this like it is the most acceptable thing. And for those who intentionally hurt people and justify it as survival I say to them this. I never want a children like you for I would be ashamed to call you my own.
It's very worrying in the corporate world, how many are more sleazy than nice. Sychophent rather than honest. it disgusts me to the core (also makes me wonder if I come from another planet), but it also makes me more determined to keep this promise to myself. I never want to be like them, even if it brings me people who do not sincerely wish me well. For I believe in the words of Winston Chuchill when he said :" You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life"  Thank you S for tweeting this quote to me. Looks like I'll be using it often ; )

And friends, I apologize for how incoherent my written thoughts might sound but occasionally one needs  to pour out the negativity to make room for hope and positivity : )


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