Monday, August 30, 2010

My swinging mood

The past two days I was so moody that I didn't even recognize myself. I was a bit catty, then too quiet then hyper-active...I feel sorry for how men try to figure us out, I couldn't figure myself out during the past few days! I'm just glad that today i'm calmer.
However I shan't blame it all on myself, that I'm sure of. the catty (frustrated) part was ignited by two extremely offensive articles that spoke about UAE mixed marriages (meaning emarati men marrying western women cause emarati women are not allowed really) and how it's more positive that marrying us emarati women. I was so offended!! The article was one sided and went on this sort of vendetta to portry us emarati women as superficial, un-ambitious creatures that deserved to go extinct!
Never in my life was I so offended. They should have been fair stating that there's the good in mixed marriages and the good in emarati marriages. Honestly, the article was disgusting and I'm just infuriated by the audacity of the writer who (most probably) isn't emarati, and has no clue of the culture of the native emarati ppl. We welcome all cultures, beliefs and nationalities but to come here to look for a high paid job and not bother to learn about our culture, language and people and dare to disrespect's just too much to handle. I sometimes wonder if we emaratis need to be a bit more assertive in commanding respect (maybe be a bit more formal when dealing with 'corporate foreign expertise') instead of constantly showing our warm hospitality like it is in our nature to do so.
We're not cruel, but the way other nationalities are taking advantage of us and letting them get away with insulting us has become too disappointingly overwhelming....But I'll keep reminding myself, there are still wonderful ppl in the UAE who respect our culture and who we are.


  1. So you mean that emarati men for emarati women only? And you hate when a foreign girl "steal" an emarati man?
    But I think it's not because WHERE they R from, but WHO they R? :-)

  2. Hi Irene!
    No you've misunderstood me. There are also emarati women who marry non emarati men but the country makes it harder for them and easier for the men which is not logic.
    In addition a statistic of 50% of foreign girls choose to be 2nd wives to these emarati men when they would never do it in their own country. Now why is that?
    I'm also sorry to break it to you dear but most of these foreign girls (above 70% as per the statistic information from Dubai Courts) only pick rich emarati men. One can't help but wonder.