Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nourishing for the soul: The Holy Quran

Some find comfort in meditating, yoga, long walks, I enjoy these therapeutic treats as well but I feel such comfort in my soul when I read the Holy Quran. I just find it sad that some people choose to read it only during the month of Ramadan, while others allow having their time consumed with mindless and tragic soap operas when they can be mending their hearts and minds with the wise and comforting words that this book offers. Let me tell you, I'm proud to be a fairly modern educated lady who comes from a family that enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures but I'm always amazed how the wise words within this holy book is always guiding us even during our fast-paced modern lives.
Thank God for the Quran, it played a major role (along with my family) in making me a better individual.

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