Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer's over

Now that summer's coming to an end I'll be getting back to work on Sunday inshAllah...But for some reason I'm not missing it so much and not looking forward to it and I'm fully aware that this is not a good sign. I that this is all from the jet lag symptoms I'm going through now.
I think i'm just feeling restless because I'm mentally preparing myself for doing my Master's cause I'm still not 100% confident about it. I sincerely hope things turn out ok inshAllah...I need to look at the changes coming to me with a positive perspective but at the moment it's slightly challenging.
Oh well tomorrow is Saturday and it will be a new day. Looking forward to see my friend Slivers of my mind for a movie and lunch to have a good long talk with her about what's on my mind! : )

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