Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear God

Please help me understand and Guide me to where i'm supposed to be. Help me have faith and to move forward confidently in what is right.
I have so much to thank you for, and sometimes it’s so easy to jump up and down with the gladness of it, and then…
Sometimes its harder and I need a little strength to let go of the things I cling to all the harder knowing i shouldn’t. I find it hard to be greatful for the love and happiness i had, my past seems to mock my present, and I spend too long looking at old photos.
Help me shake off this black cloud and move forward into the sunshine, and deserve the love I crave, and make as many people as I can feel loved and charished and happy.
Please be with me everyday while I wander around life. It’s a big world and I need you to be there with me. Sometimes people just don’t understand me, and I just don’t understand them. Help me to find my purpose in life. Help me to always do the right thing for other people.


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