Friday, May 20, 2011

A wave of responsibilities

Felt bad about neglecting my Blog but been insanely busy with so many projects coming my way. Got my last course to complete before my summer officially starts on June 29th. The First Alumnae Dinner Gala is coming up at Zayed University and wrapping up my projects at work.
*Whew* it's been a chaotic 2 months and inshAllah all will settle by the end of June.
However i'm not complaining at all elhumdellah. I'm welcoming this fresh wave of responsibilities that's giving me a big boost of self development and importance. Plus it's pushing whatever negativity that occasionally crawls into my mind so that's a plus I think!
Oh so much is happening and some interesting changes coming my way...but I'll post the next week or so inshAllah. : )

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