Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can we really invite Happiness?

An interesting article my best freind has sent me and I wanted to share it. Thanks SH. B. for the article, it gave me an 'aha!' moment!

To me, it seems that not just does he represent such a fine and cultural lineage of Reiki Masters, but he also represents a combination of healing mixed with simple philosophies of how to live well.

This lends to the ideal that living well should be our priority. Maybe when we take care of our lives, we are always more able to take care of ourselves. I had heard the five principles or the five concepts in many shapes and forms and never realized that they were derived from his teaching. The simplicity of his five concepts seems ridiculously easy at first but following them takes practice, patience and meditation. Usui must have known this.

Let's just stop a minute and think...what if the art of living well and living in abundance are determined simply by our actions.

Can we really invite happiness? If we can, it means that all the bad decisions, bad feelings, negative thoughts, frustrating consequences of our life to this point are simply due to our lack of faith or for many - lack of knowing.

Usui was aware of the laws of attraction long before they became a best selling book! Even with so many now hearing the message it seems that still few are getting it. Why is it so hard for so many to believe that what we desire, what we need, what want and intend will manifest directly in our lives. Many like me go at this principle with gusto and eventually fall back into regular habits.

It really does take work and somewhere along the way we are convinced we couldn't really have it all. Usui encourages us to express our thanks, avoid being grievous, be diligent and kind and work very hard not to get angry. These principles are so easy to accommodate during the holidays - yet for the rest of the year they take much work and dedication.

The admonition that strikes the closest to home is, at least for today do not be angry.

I wouldn't describe myself as angry, but if I were to research the emotions I feel throughout the day including stress, hurriedness, impatience, irritability, feeling there isn't enough time to complete things, tired, worried, exhausted or sad.

Anger is not necessarily hollering and screaming as we flail our hands in a tantrum like a toddler. Anger is subtle, grows like a seed of grass under the soil - gaining strength and stamina before the blade of grass shoots up for all to see. Most negative feelings are rooted dangerously close to anger. Anger means we are blaming someone for our problems or situations. Anger is feeling like our lives are not good enough or that everyone else has things better. Anger is hopelessness and lack of trust in the one thing the Universe promises us. Well being. Anger is being resentful towards issues in our life and feeling as if we have no control.

Mikao Usui reminds us that we do have control.

By following just this one concept for a week, month or year until we get it right lives will improve ten fold. For today, do not be angry! When you find feelings that resemble anger or that could breed anger - reach inside for just a minute and use another of his concepts- being grateful and expressing thanks. Do this until the agitation right beneath the skin that increases the heart rate slowly subsides and calm begins to flow through your body. One successful day will lead to another and before long life will be different. It is evident that these concepts are important for the Reiki practitioner because as we achieve clarity the Ki or life energy runs more potently through us and we have more to offer.

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