Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Beauty of Dreams

I have such a fascination in dreams. In Islam, it is said that dreams (specifically good ones) are messages from God. He gives us hints as to what will happen in our lives. I love to look up or ask a close freind about their interpretations to understand what does it mean. It is said that when you want to talk about your dream it has to be to someone who is very close to you and trust worthy so they wouldn't jinx you should the dream be a good. But if it were a nightmare then one should whisper it in the bathroom and spit (subtly) three times to left side and never speak of it as it's a bad omen to speak of it.
Im sure other cultures and religions have a different views and interpretations on dreams but whatever it may be, it is truly a fascinating area. I can't explain it but I feel at ease and my heart is content when I have certains dreams, like seeing my late grandfather doing well (which is a dream I love the most as I miss him so much even though he passed away more than 15 years ago), and seeing joyful symbols such as beautiful gardens, the calm ocean, flying and certain Islamic signs.
From a spiritual side, I love dreams because I feel it's a message from God which makes me feel closer to Him and that i'm doing ok as a human being.

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