Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dynamism, power of energy

photo: Deviantart

I believe the power of thought and energy is the most powerful gift a person has within him/her (and prayer). Very few have this sense of awareness on how to manage their trail of thoughts and behavior. Not only that, but they have this 'awakened soul' and have an uncanny ability to observe people's mannerism and the energy they exude be it good or bad.
To me, from a spiritual side, I see it as a 'soul blossoming' experience. When you become aware of your energy and feelings in a positive way you will realize that you have an amazing potential achieve so much and attract so many because you are flowing with positive energy! In addition you become aware of other people's feelings and energy.
It's not as complicated asit seems, for instance, when you surround yourself with cheerful, upbeat people you notice that they attract a lot of people to them, they don't get sick as often and good things happen to them. On the other hand, miserable and angry people never attract (no matter how physically beautiful they are), they get sick often and/or they barely have energy to do much.
This isn't a research paper btw, just something that I’ve grown to believe in as I am experiencing it and loving it! And with this new found sense of awareness and enlightenment I truly feel that (as my best friend would say) the best is yet to come, inshAllah. =)

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