Saturday, February 20, 2010

Strength within

There's a reason why God throws tricky obstacles our way, I think it's to make us stronger and to make us appreciate the 'prize' that He'll bestow upon us when we finally get it.
I finally reached a point in my life where I don't brood for a long period of time when something bad comes my way. I just need to discipline and observe my reactions so it won't be so hard whenever I stumble. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I started from the bottom because now as I'm rising to the top I know for a fact nobody will dare to question why and how I reached the top. I decided to keep my eyes on the prize and my determination strong. I choose victory because I know for a fact that I have payed my dues. I'm also no longer bitter to the bullies and hateful people who came into my life, because of them I have become stronger, determined and more inspired to prove them all wrong.
All in all, I choose to be a champion, because a champion is someone who has conquered his/her own caliber, yes I may have not reached that level yet but I'm on my way inshAllah, and when I get the chance to win..I'll take it like a picture =)

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