Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Looking more after my health (weight)

No I'm not Obese but the other day I got my blood results from this Clinic in Dubai Health Care City called 'Dr.N. Torbay's: The Weight Care Clinic' and I was warned that if I dont slow down on my intake of carbs and sugar (I'm a Majah sweet-tooth lady!) I could become Diabetic...OK, I also want to lose a few pounds that I gained in December and Jan!
So they placed me on this Low Carb Diet for one month.I just started yesterday and to tell you the truth it's not that easy, as a matter os fact, i feel a bit irritable and drained but I realized that my body is reacting this way because I got used to stuffing it with so much carbs =(
I hope this works (along with exercise of course) cause I'm not too happy with how tired and lazy I have been for the past few months!

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