Thursday, July 8, 2010

Disabled Center: Why not volunteer

Today got an interesting meeting inshAllah at the Dubai Club for Special Sport. I was assigned to work on a creative marketing and revenue generating strategy proposal for the center to get it up an running. I'm really looking forward to my 2nd official visit there (good thing it's not too far from home) to do some good, though at first I was hesitant and shamefully realized that....we kind of come from a society (that was not originally that way) that doesn't (i think) strongly encourage volunteering and is slightly considered socially beneath us.
What hurts more particularly about this is when inviting ppl to volunteer , they come up with the most feeble excuses not to make it but have the ability to go all the way to Dubai Mall and walk around aimlessly!
Well, at least there's still some good, kind hearted Emaratis (and even non-Emaratis) who want to give back. For me it's about trying to do something good in my life. I want to know that I made value of what God has given me by making time to use my mind and body to do good.
I'm especially looking forward to helping the disabled find jobs across the UAE inshAllah : )
This country seriously needs to be more open and welcoming towards the disabled community, blend them with the community and stop categorizing them in events, I hate that! A huge portion of this society needs to understand that they do not need our sympathy, they deserve respect!


  1. You go girl! You have my support all the way fdaitech and I am availaboe for any volunteery work

  2. I'll be bugging ye on twitter about it Fa6ami. Ye are truly one of a kind!